Volume 35, No. 01, Month JANUARY, Year 2020, Pages 66 - 71

Outcomes of surgical patients care in 3a ward colorectal cancer

Pimchanok Thongcumjan, Pusda Pukdeekumjorn, Tharinee Phetcharat, Ongart Somintara

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Background and Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the outcomes of colorectal patients undergoing surgery, quality of surgical patients care team, and development opportunity. Methods: This descriptive study was performed on 62 patients. The data were collected via: 1) General baseline data, 2) Indicators of quality of care for patients undergoing surgery in 2017. The statistics used were frequency, percentage, arithmetic mean and content analysis. Results: Colostomy surgery was the most performed method in 28 patients (45.16). Fifty-five patients received nutritional screening (88.70%) and high risk for malnutrition was found in 21 cases (38.18%). All patients received pre-post operation information. After surgery, 60 cases (96.77%) could early ambulation within 24-48 hours, average pain of 72 hours in the period of 0-3 score was 42 cases (67.74%), no lung infection, surgical site infection 3 cases (4.80%), bowel leakage 1 cases (1.61%) all patients received information before returning home. Patients who underwent colostomy surgery were evaluated for image and self-concept in 2 cases (7.14%) received colostomy training 60 cases (96.77%) had duration of hospital stay for 6-15 days. Conclusion: Most patients received nutritional screening. After surgery, the patient can walk out of bed within 24-48 hours. The average pain within 72 hours is 0-3 points. There are complications, leak of intestines and infected wounds. Receive information on how to go back home. Demonstration and practice in bowel care should promote nutritional status Develop skills and competencies in assessing image and self-concept in patients with abdominal intestinal surgery.


Colorectal cancer, outcomes of patient care, surgical patients, nursing care.


Published by : Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University
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