Volume 36, No. 02, Month MARCH, Year 2021, Pages 172 - 178

Prevalence and clinical features of polycystic ovary syndrome in thai adolescents

Benjarut Suwan, Nuntasiri Eamudomkarn, Srinaree Kaewrudee, Woraluck Somboonporn, Sukree Soontrapa, Jen Sothornwit, Suteeraporn Chaowattanapanit, Phuangphaka Sadee

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Background and objective: Thi s study was conducted to assess the prevalence and clinical features of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) among high school-age Thai adolescents in Khon Kaen. Materials and Methods: This was a cross sectional study in which 385 adolescents aged 15 to 18 years were enrolled. The diagnosis of PCOS was made according to the criteria issued by the International Consortium of Pediatric Endocrinology (ICPE). Results: The prevalence of PCOS among participants was 1.81%. Oligomenorrhea was the most common form of abnormal menstruation among participants with PCOS. Of the seven participants with PCOS, five had evidence of clinical hyperandrogenism according to their modified Ferriman-Gallwey scores, and two were noted as having clinical hyperandrogenism based on the presence of moderate acne vulgaris. Five of the seven participants with PCOS were found to have biochemical hyperandrogenism. Conclusion: The prevalence of PCOS in the present study was 1.81%. The most common abnormal menstruation pattern among the patients with PCOS was oligomenorrhea. Clinical hyperandrogenism was


Polycystic ovary syndrome, prevalence, adolescent, hyperandrogenism, oligomenorrhea


Published by : Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University
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