Volume 36, No. 01, Month JANUARY, Year 2021, Pages 48 - 54

Epidemiology of eye diseases in handi-capped inmates, ubon ratchathani province

Siripong Siramon, Latiporn Udomsuk, Virarat Jinatongthai

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Background and objectives: Blindness and vision impairment (VI) are a global problem that the causes of the VI are usually preventable. Handicapped inmate (HI) has their freedom restricted, however, a proper healthcare should not be restricted. Epidemiological study about eye diseases may be useful for planning the effective screening program and comprehensive eye care in HIs. Methods: A descriptive analysis using a data from questionnaires, refractive values and comprehensive eye exam in HIs at the central prison, Ubon Ratchathani province was done between February - March 2020. Results: Sixty HIs in this study, which 58 HIs had physical disability (96.67%). Sixteen HIs had distant VI (26.67%), which common causes were cataract and refractive error. HIs whom aged 35 years old and older had near VI about 18 cases (39.1%). Dry eye symptoms were commonly found which compatible with ocular surface abnormalities e.g. pinguecula, pterygium and abnormal conjunctival and corneal fluorescein staining were 98.33%, 35% and 75%, respectively. Conclusion: VI and eye diseases were commonly found i n HI s whi ch should be recei ved a comprehensive eye care from public health team, prison staff and ophthalmologist. Effective visual acuity testing, eye disease screening in prison and referring to ophthalmologist are necessary. Ocular surface diseases should be concerned in HIs with vision disturbance.


handicapped inmate; vision impairment; eye disease; ocular surface disease; prison


Published by : Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University
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