Volume 36, No. 01, Month JANUARY, Year 2021, Pages 8 - 14

Clinical manifestations in children diagnosed prenatally with congenital lung malformation

Phanthila Sitthikarnkha, Rattapon Uppala

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Background and objective: Congenital lung malformation is a group of rare disease characterized by intrathoracic lesion. Prenatal diagnosis was used worldwide but accuracy is limited. This study aimed to determine prenatal and postnatal clinical manifestations in children with congenital lung malformation. Method: A retrospective chart review was performed on patients who were prenatally diagnosed with congenital lung malformation at Srinagarind hospital during 1st January 2003 to 31st October 2019. Result: Nineteen children were prenatally diagnosed with congenital lung malformation at mean gestational age of 26.63±6.1 weeks. 11 children (57.9%) did not have any sign and symptoms after delivery. Symptoms and abnormal physical examination were occurred after delivery in 8 children (42.1%). Tachypnea and decrease breath sound were the most common symptoms and signs that presented. They were confirmed diagnosis by computer tomography of chest and found congenital lung malformation in 16 children (84.2%). The most common diagnosis was congenital pulmonary airway malformation (13 cases, 81.2%). 12 cases (75%) underwent surgery and complication were developed in 7 cases (58.3%) Conclusion: Congenital lung malformation is the disease that can detect prenatally. The most common clinical presentation was tachypnea. Congenital pulmonary airway malformation is the most common cause.


congenital lung malformation; prenatal; postnatal; clinical manifestations


Published by : Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University
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