Volume 46, No. 03, Month JUNE, Year 2020, Pages 361 - 367

Uniqueness problems on difference operators of meromorphic functions

Chuangxin Chen, Ranran Zhang, Zhibo Huang, Shuangting Lan

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In this paper, we study the shared-value problem of forward differences 2c f (z) and c f (z) of a meromorphic function f (z). For an entire function f (z) with a Borel exceptional small function, we give the specific expression of f (z) when 2c f (z) and c f (z) share a small function CM. For a meromorphic function f (z) with a small deficient function, we obtain the relationship of 2c f (z) and c f (z) when they share a small function and1CM.


difference operators, meromorphic function, sharing value MSC2010: 30D35 39A10


Published by : The Science Society of Thailand
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