Volume 46, No. 03, Month JUNE, Year 2020, Pages 254 - 262

Cyclodextrin inclusion complexation and pharmaceutical applications

Helmut Viernstein, Peter Wolschann

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Cyclodextrins are widely used in pharmacy, chemistry and other scientific disciplines, due to their unique properties which are consequences of the special geometries of these compounds. The cyclic arrangements of glucopyranose rings form structures where small and medium-sized molecules can be included. This inclusion reaction is of high interest, because it may change the physico-chemical properties of the guest molecules and allows the application of the involved compounds like drugs for a better delivery. Another important feature is the fact, that a large number of cyclodextrin derivatives is existing, with different affinities to the guest molecules, different thermodynamic properties and consequently a broad variety of applications. In the present review a short overview will be given about the various structures, the applications, in particular as drug carriers.


cyclodextrin, cyclodextrin derivatives, thermodynamics, solubility enhancement, drug carrier


Published by : The Science Society of Thailand
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