Volume 46, No. 03, Month JUNE, Year 2020, Pages 245 - 253

Electrochemical and optical biosensors for biological sensing applications

Kanokwan Charoenkitamorn, Abdulhadee Yakoh, Sakda Jampasa, Sudkate Chaiyo, Orawon Chailapakul

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Biosensors are analytical tools that play an important role in advanced applications, especially in the monitoring of biological molecules related to health conditions. A variety of biosensors have been described in this review to emphasize the important applications in the biological field. These biosensors are categorized into four groups depending on the bioreceptor molecules, including enzymatic biosensors, immuno-based biosensors, DNA-based biosensors, and other interesting biosensors. Many platforms and materials have been developed with various benefits. The detection principles of the biosensors in this review are focused on optical and electrochemical techniques due to their characteristic advantages. Information of using novel materials for fabrication of biosensors is also provided.


Biosensors, enzymatic biosensors, immuno-based biosensors, DNA-based biosensors, electrochemical detection, optical detection


Published by : The Science Society of Thailand
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