Volume 46, No. 05, Month OCTOBER, Year 2020, Pages 579 - 585

Behavior and mechanism of enamine on quartz flotation

Shaohui Jing, Dongsheng He, Hong Wu, Shuang Liu, Zhihao Xie

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The mechanism of enamine on a quartz surface was investigated by pure mineral flotation tests combined with quartz surface wettability measurements, zeta potential tests and other analytical methods. The results show that the enamine flotation system had a quartz flotation pH range of 6.0?8.0 and a suitable collector concentration of 50 mg/L. Under neutral conditions, when the collector concentration was low, the enamine was adsorbed on the quartz surface through a weak electrostatic force. Semi-micelle adsorption occurred when the collector concentration reached the critical micelle concentration value of 10 mg/L. At enamine concentrations higher than 50 mg/L, multilayer adsorption of enamine and quartz occurred. The infrared spectroscopy results showed that no new peaks were formed before and after the interaction between quartz and enamine and that the enamine was mainly physically adsorbed on the quartz surface.


enamine, quartz, flotation, adsorption mechanism


Published by : The Science Society of Thailand
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