Volume 46, No. 06, Month DECEMBER, Year 2020, Pages 706 - 712

Electroreduction of lead(ii) ions on lead electrode in the presence of surfactants and different electrolytes

Aizhan Mamyrbekova, Makhabat Kassymova, Aigul Mamyrbekova, Aigul Mamitova, Rabiga Pralieva, Gauhar Mutasheva

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The influence of high molecular weight water-soluble surfactants with different functional groups on the electroreduction of lead(II) ions on a lead electrode in various electrolytes was studied. A copolymer of methacryloylaminophenol with acrylic acid, a leather waste hydrolyzate, and a copolymer of monoethanolamine with vinyl ether acetate were used as surfactants. The electrolytes used were 1 M KCl, KBr, KNO3, HCOONa, NH2SO3H, 0.5 M Na 2SO4, and 0.35 M Na3C6H5O7 ? 2 H2O. It was demonstrated that in 1.0 M KCl or KBr solutions, there was no inhibition of the electroreduction of lead(II) ions by the adsorption layers of surfactants. It was found that the inhibitory effect of polymers on the electroreduction of lead(II) ions in different background electrolytes increases in the order KCl < KBr < Na 3C6H5O7 ? 2 H2O < Na2SO4 < KNO3 < HCOONa < NH2SO3H.


lead ions, electroreduction, surfactants, electrolyte, lead electrode


Published by : The Science Society of Thailand
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