Volume 46, No. 1S, Month MARCH, Year 2020, Pages 58 - 65

Synergistic effect of animal oil or butter and hydrogen peroxide on physical and mechanical properties of porous alumino-siliceous materials

Narumon Lertcumfu, Kannikar Kaewapai, Pharatree Jaita, Ratabongkot Sanjoom, Gobwute Rujijanagul, Tawee Tunkasiri

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Porous alumino-siliceous (PAS) materials are attractive for use in a wide variety of construction and adsorption materials. In the present study, the porous alumino-siliceous materials were synthesized by a geopolymerization method in a reaction from ceramic waste, metakaolin, and an alkaline solution, H2O2 (as a foaming agent) and either pork lard or butter (surfactants). Different amounts of the surfactants (2.5-15 wt%) were added to the samples. The pore shape in the PAS materials was affected by the type of surfactant used. PAS materials with small open pores and high porosity were successfully fabricated with butter as a surfactant. The compressive strength value trend was related to total porosity. The relationship between compressive strength and porosity was found to be consistent with a model proposed by Ryshkewitch. The results suggest that this material can be used as a foam material.


porous alumino-siliceous materials, animal oil, butter, hydrogen peroxide


Published by : The Science Society of Thailand
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