Volume 20, No. 04, Month DECEMBER, Year 2020, Pages 581 - 594

A flexible dc-dc converter for the battery - dc bus renewable energy system

Pham Ngoc Thang, Vo Thanh Vinh, Nguyen The Vinh

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This study proposes a single, coupling magnetic (CM), high efficiency, high step-up/down bidirectional DC–DC converter. The proposed converter is composed of a bidirectional coupling magnetic boost and bidirectional buck non - isolated. The output terminals of the CM-boost converter and switched-capacitor cell are connected together in series to obtain the required voltage step-up of the distributed renewable energy source. A transformer coupled combined two type boost flyback converter is used to harness power from PV, while bidirectional buck-boost converter is used to harness power from PV and DC link along with battery charging/discharging control. The proposed topology achieves a genuine on–off interleaved energy transfer at the transformer core and windings, thus providing an excellent utilization ratio. The proposed converter architecture has reduced number of power conversion stages with less component count, and reduced losses compared to existing grid-connected hybrid systems. This improves the efficiency and reliability of the system.


DC-DC converter, energy storage, multiport converter, photovoltaic (PV) generation system, power management strategy.


Published by : Asian Institute of Technology
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