Volume 20, No. 02A, Month AUGUST, Year 2020, Pages 271 - 278

Performance analysis of dstatcom for three phase three wire distribution system

Aseem Aseem K., V. Vanitha, Selva Kumar Selva Kumar S.

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During the last few decades, many research works have been reported in the area of harmonics and reactive power compensation, focusing on both control techniques and power electronic circuit topologies. Nowadays, nonlinear type of residential loads and industrial loads are used increasingly, which cause a large amount of harmonics in the power system. This paper presents an analysis of the performance of distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) for different types of non-linear loads like diode rectifier, semi converter and controlled rectifier with RL and RLE loads. Different control methods such as instantaneous reactive power theory (IRP), synchronous reference frame theory (SRF) and synchronous detection method (SDM) are used for generating reference currents for DSTATCOM and the results are presented and compared.


DSTATCOM, instantaneous reactive power theory, power quality, synchronous reference frame, synchronous detection method.


Published by : Asian Institute of Technology
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