Volume 18, No. 04, Month DECEMBER, Year 2018, Pages 409 - 418

Energy-saving analysis of a hybrid-power gas engine heat pump with continuously variable transmission

Tao Chen, Liang Cai

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Hybrid-power gas engine heat pump (HPGHP) could achieve the efficient operation of the engine and improve the partial load performance of the air conditioning system through the cooperation of the gas engine and the dual-use motor. In the paper, the continuously variable transmission is applied to a coaxial parallel HPGHP system to analyze the influence of transmission mechanism on the operating characteristics, and an instantaneous optimal control strategy aiming at minimizing the equivalent energy consumption is proposed to complete the torque distribution of the engine and the motor. The results show that the compressor speed of 1350 rpm and 1800 rpm are the switching point of three operating modes under the specified heating conditions, and the engine torque and gas consumption rate maintained at relatively stable values of 29.5 N·m and 284 g·(kW·h) by means of the motor with high efficiency in the wide torque range, showing the good energy saving effect.


control strategy, CVT, equivalent energy consumption minimization, HPGHP, instantaneous optimization.


Published by : Asian Institute of Technology
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