Volume 11, No. 03, Month SEPTEMBER, Year 2018, Pages 203 - 212

Potential of approached ecotourism consideration as part of patrolling efforts responsibility in pu hu nature reserve, vietnam

Dong Le Khac, Sutinee Sinutok, Hoa Ao Xuan, Manop Promchana, Kuaanan Techato

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Vietnam, almost special-use forests such as nature reserves (NRs) and national parks (NPs) have continually focused on ecotourism development because the tremendous potential of diversity is available. Combined with patrol ranger efforts information, rangers do not only consider illegal activities but also observe the abundant of biodiversity for ecotourism development in the specific areas. Ecotourism of biodiversity was continuously explored different patrol routes, which might usefully develop the tourist, depends on the visitor’s demand. This study considered to find out the flora and fauna in Pu Hu nature reserve for recording location by using Global Positioning System (GPS) based on information of paroling activity and camera traps by law enforcement efforts regularly. The results denoted that there were four tracks that might develop the basis tours in different natural observation depending on visitor requirements. There were 8 animal species encounters in Co Chao track, 13 plants species in Pu Hu mountain track, 11 medical plants species in Nga track, and 9 flora and fauna species in San track. The species were mapped based on their respective tracks. To mapping the different species, it was a part of specific approach on ecotourism in the nature reserve. Further, it is inevitable that law enforcement efforts are more effective in natural resources.


Biodiversity; Ecotourism; Patrol


Published by : Thai Society of Higher Education Institutes on Environment
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