Volume 11, No. 03, Month SEPTEMBER, Year 2018, Pages 182 - 202

Sociodemographic of two municipalities towards coastal waters and solid waste management: the case of macajalar bay, philippines

Ma. Judith B. Felisilda, Shaira Julienne C. Asequia, Jhane Rose P. Encarguez, and Van Ryan Kristopher R. Galarpe

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Dumping of solid waste and unstable coastal water quality has become a rising issue in the Philippines coastal zones. Thus, this study was conducted to investigate two coastal municipalities’ (Opol and Jasaan) perception towards coastal waters (CW) and solid waste management (SWM) along Macajalar bay, Philippines. Sociodemographic indicators of the 180 residents and how this influenced their level of knowledge-awareness-practices (KAP) towards CW and SWM were determined using modified survey questionnaire. Purposive sampling was employed to communities residing adjacent to coastal waters. Both quantitative (One-Way ANOVA and T-test for unequal variances at α-0.05) and qualitative analyses were utilized to extrapolate conclusions. Present findings revealed varying sociodemographic indicators influencing KAP. Opol coastal residents level of knowledge and practices were influenced by gender (K:p-0.0314; P:p- 0.0155) and age (p- 0.0404), whereas level of awareness was influenced by age (p- 0.0160), length of residency (p- 0.0029), and educational attainment (p-0.0089). Distinctively, Jasaan coastal residents’ gender influenced the level of knowledge (p- 0.0223) and practices (p- 0.0172), whereas awareness was influenced by educational attainment ( p - 0.0383). Overall, sociodemographic response revealed higher level of knowledge and awareness towards preservation of CW. However, low levels of practices in both municipalities towards SWM were determined as evidenced by anthropogenic inputs to coastal water (dumping of solid waste, animal waste and domestic wastewater). In return this exerts pressure to Macajalar Bay. Present study can support policy enforcement in identifying opportunities for building positive connections of the social and biophysicochemical aspects in the bay.


Coastal water; Macajalar bay; Sociodemographic; Solid waste management


Published by : Thai Society of Higher Education Institutes on Environment
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