Volume 11, No. 03, Month SEPTEMBER, Year 2018, Pages 89 - 102

Innovating the l-lead learning management model for community leaders in transforming chemical into organic farming

Sanit Sukkee and Tassanee Ounvichit

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The intensive use of farm chemicals in Thailand must be stemmed, if not stopped. In view of the rural Thai cultural tradition where farmers followed their community leaders, this study innovated a learning management model for community leaders in leading the transformation from chemical to organic farming. The methodology of the study followed the educational action research approach whereby a questionnaire survey was conducted to obtain the situation of farm chemical uses in the Padeng community of Petchaburi province, Thailand before a conceptual model was created. Data on the community leaders’ active learning processes, outcomes and impacts were obtained by using observation forms, learning assessment tests and interview schedules. Results revealed that the use of farm chemicals in the community was extensive and bore impacts on household economy and health and the environment. The L-Lead model that was synthesized from their learning processes comprised (1) preparing mind space to absorb new things, (2) recognizing the problems with empirical evidences, (3) searching for additional knowledge to strengthen problem-solving capacity, (4) pondering over the problems as community leaders, (5) planning on leading the community to transform, (6) implementing the community transformation plan, and (7) presenting the implementation results to intensify the transformation. The leaders’ learning performances reflected the efficiency of the model (80/83). Their evaluative knowledge and value status demonstrated positive change (p = 01) while their leading action projects practically increased the number of households practicing purely organic farming from 15 to 17%. Further study should focus on how to sustain and widen the transformation.


Farming; Chemicals; Organic; Learning; Community leaders; Environment


Published by : Thai Society of Higher Education Institutes on Environment
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