Volume 11, No. 03, Month SEPTEMBER, Year 2018, Pages 27 - 44

Remote sensing and gis-based river bank accretion/erosion assessment in the confluence of thao-da-lo rivers, north east of vietnam

Tuyen Danh Vu and Thanh Tien Nguyen

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River bank accretion/erosion is the most important geomorphological processes in natural process attracting a great deal of attention from river engineering scientist. In this study, river bank accretion/erosion assessment in the confluence of Thao-Da-Lo rivers in the period of 1986-2017 is presented based on the combination of histogram thresholding and band ratio techniques. Landsat 5 TM and 8 OLI imageries were first used of river bank extraction, GIS was then employed to assess river bank changes and accretion/erosion. It was found that, Thao-Da-Lo river banks have changed complexly, especially on the left bank. Accretion and erosion occurred frequently on both sides of the river, mainly occurred in the left bank of the confluence area such as Tan Duc (Ba Vi district), Minh Nong and Ben Got (Viet Tri city). Almost no erosions were found in the right bank (Phong Van, Co Do, Phu Cuong, Tan Hong, Chau Son and Phu Phuong) in this period. The study showed the effective use of remote sensing and GIS in river bank accretion/erosion assessment.


River bank; Accretion/erosion assessment; Thao-Da-Lo river; Landsat imageries


Published by : Thai Society of Higher Education Institutes on Environment
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