Volume 46, No. 02, Month MARCH, Year 2019, Pages 353 - 360

Preparation and characterization of ylang-ylang (cananga odorata) essential oil and ascorbic acid loaded olive oil-in-water emulsion

Vicit Rizal Eh Suk, Khalisanni Khalid and Misni Misran

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Essential oils are widely used for cosmetic and medicinal purpose. However, their viscosity, volatility, and oily physical appearance became obstacles in their usage, especially for dermal application. In this study, ylang-ylang (Cananga odorata) essential oil was produced by using steam distillation technique. Amount of sucrose stearate in the formulation was manipulated with the aim to form the emulsion that can optimize the delivery of ylang-ylang essential oil and ascorbic acid. Optical polarizing micrograph of olive oil-in-water emulsion showed a polydispersed size up to more than 10 m. Average hydrodynamic particle size analysis showed the increase in average particle size within 28 days of incubation at room temperature, 8, and 45 C. Zeta potential measurement for 28 days revealed the shift in the magnitude of to less negative in all incubation condition. Accelerated stability test showed the prediction of sedimentation, flocculation, and coalescence mechanism on the shelf at room temperature. The data showed a promising alternative for delivering essential oils with the use of ascorbic acid or other agents to the body through dermal delivery by employing the emulsion system.


oil-in-water, emulsion, essential oil, ylang-ylang, accelerated stability test


Published by : Faculty of Science, Chiangmai University
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