1. Extraction of bio polymers from crustacean shells and its application in refinery wastewater treatment
Khadija Salim ABDULLAH AL BALUSHI, Geetha DEVI, Amira Sulaiman RASHID KHAMIS AL GHARIBI , Mohammed Adeeb Salim ADEEB, Alaa Saif Mohammed AL HUDAIFI, Siham Salim KHALFAN AL SHABIBI

2. A comparison of nutritional values, bioactive compounds, amino acids, and antioxidant activities of alfalfa (medicago sativa) plant and pellet f

3. Effect of forchlorfenuron on somatic embryo proliferation and plantlet regeneration in oil palm sup-psu1
Waraporn HEEDCHIM, Sompong TE-CHATO, Sureerat YENCHON

4. Enhancing work performance of extension agents among cocoa farmers in malaysia the influence of human resource development skills
Oluwatoyin OLAGUNJU, Salim HASSAN, Mohd Yusoff Abd SAMAD, Ramle KASIN

5. Health risk assessment of residents in a tourist city a case study of nakhon si thammarat province
Jenjira KAEWRAT, Rungruang JANTA

6. Deep belief network approach for recognition of cow using cow nose image pattern
Rotimi-Williams BELLO, Abdullah Zawawi Hj TALIB, Ahmad Sufril Azlan Bin MOHAMED

7. Evaluation of standardized extract of centella asiatica on cell viability and repressive cancer migration in metastatic colorectal cancer cells
Suwisit MANMUAN, Ponwit MANMUAN, Punyo YOYKAEW, Piyachat THUETONG, Patchraporn ASIPONG, Nattanicha RIANTONG, Mayuree H. TANTISIRA

8. A causal relationship of home care services on the quality of life among survivors of stroke in thailand

9. Bioactivity determination and development of oil in water emulsion containing cassia fistula bark extract
Lapatrada MUNGMAI, Weeraya PREEDALIKIT, Tammanoon RUNGSANG, Mathukorn SAINAKHAM

10. Design of novel belbic controlled semi-active suspension and comparative analysis with passive and pid controlled suspension
Pankaj SHARMA, Vinod KUMAR