1. Evaluating biomethane potential of inocula from different active biogas digesters for palm oil mill effluent by bmp and sma effect of dilution a
Sawinee SANGSRI, Chairat SIRIPATANA, Nirattisai RAKMAK, Pornwimon WADCHASIT, Sunwanee JIJAI

2. How can the least developed member countries of asean benefit from the 4th industrial revolution
Robert Brian SMITH

3. Energy fluxes and evapotranspiration in a rubber agroecosystem of the southern thailand
Watcharee RUAIRUEN, Gilberto J. FOCHESATTO, Poonpipope KASEMSAP, Chompunut CHAYAWAT

4. Production of spray-dried “terung asam” (solanum lasiocarpum dunal) powder
Lee Sin CHANG, Siew May EAU YONG, Liew Phing PUI

5. Total rna extraction from the aromatic phalaenopsis bellina, endemic orchid in sabah, borneo
Ahmad Asnawi MUS, Jualang Azlan GANSAU, Nor Azizun RUSDI

6. Relation between single nucleotide polymorphism rs3738423 (ct) of nphs2 gene and some biochemical parameters in pediatrics nephrotic syndrome pa
Nga Van VU, Long Doan DINH, Nhung Thi Hong PHAM, Dem Van PHAM, Quy Van DAM, Huong Thi Quynh NGUYEN, Thinh Huy TRAN, Thom Thi VU

7. Callus induction and phytochemical constituents of finger eggplant (solanum sp.)
Norizzah Jaafar SIDIK, Norhayati DAUD, Som Cit SINANG, Nurul Fazira OMAR

8. Proteomics of seed nutrition-associated proteins in germinated brown rice in four thai rice cultivars analyzed by gelc-msms
Sarunyaporn MAKSUP, Sarintip PONGPAKPIAN, Sittiruk ROYTRAKUL

9. Quantitation, absorption and tissue distribution of coenzyme q10 from pak-wanban (sauropus androgynus l. merr.) leaf and its antioxidant activit

10. The physical and biochemical characteristics of resistance in different rice varieties and initial moisture content for their susceptibility to rhyzopertha dominica f. (coleoptera: bostrichidae)
Ludji Pantja ASTUTI, Gatot MUDJIONO, Siti Ch. RASMINAH, Bambang Tri RAHARDJO