1. An implicit numerical method for semilinear space-time fractional diffusion equation
Gunvant Achutrao Birajdar

2. New algorithms for numerical assessment of nonlinear integro-differential equations of second-order using haar wavelets
Imran Aziz, Siraj Ui Islam, Muhammad Fayyaz, Mohammad Azram

3. A new class of integral relations involving general class of polynomials and i-functions
Shilpi Jain, Praveen Agarwal

4. On classical quasi-primary radical of submodules and classical quasi-primary radical formula of submodules
Pairote Yiarayong, Phakakorn Panpho

5. Study of functional variable method for finding exact solutions of nonlinear evolution equations
Kamruzzaman Khan, M. Ali Akbar

6. A comparison between solving of two-dimensional nonlinear fredholm integral equations of the second kind by the optimal homotopy asymptotic method and homotopy perturbation method
Mohammad Almousa, Ahmad Ismail

7. The characterizations of the curves in a 3-dimensional lightlike cone
Mehmet Bektas, Mihriban Kulahci, M?nevver Yildirim Yilmaz

8. Traveling wave solutions for fifth order (1+1)-dimensional kaup-keperschmidt equation with the help of exp(-phi)-expansion method
Harun Or Roshid, Md. Nur Alam, M. Ali Akbar

9. Fuzzy and l-fuzzy subset in a locally convex topology
Sayed Elagan, Rabha Ibrahim