1. Effective efficiency of solar air heaters of different types of roughness geometries over absorber plate
Maneesh Kaushal, Varun Goel

2. Gamma-ray measurements of naturally occurring radioactive materials in sludge, scale and well cores of the oil industry in southern iraq
Abdul Ridha Hussain Subber, Master Abdul Ali, Walead Hamid Almosawy

3. A study of the effect of etching time on the optical properties of irradiated cr-39 polymer
Moustfa Fawzy Eissa

4. Study of cerium doped polyaniline composites for resistive type co2 gas detection
Kailash Nemade, Sandeep Waguley

5. Synthesis and optical properties of a biphenyl compound
Mahmoud Hussain, Ghufran Mohammad Shabeeb

6. Study on physical properties of inx se1-x thin films synthesized by vacuum evaporation method
Mahdi Hasan Sujail, Issam Mohammed Ibrahim, Asmiet Ramizy

7. Undoped and metal doped zns nanoparticles by precipitation method
Kumaravel Prabhu, Selvaraj Kannan, Johnson Henry, Ganesan Sivakumar, Kannusamy Mohanraj

8. Bactericidal action of e. coli mediated nanoparticle coated medical dressings
Akhilesh Upgade, Prabhu Nagarajan

9. Bioleaching of some rare earth elements from egyptian monazite using aspergillus ficuum and pseudomonas aeruginosa
Wesam Abdel Ghany Hassanien, Osman Abdel Naby Desouky, Shimaa Salah Eldien Hussien