1. Note on recent fixed point results in graphical rectangular b-metric spaces
Pravin Baradol, Dhananjay Gopal

2. Optimization of the oil extraction, study the chemical and physical properties of arabica spent coffee grounds
Sasikarn Panpraneecharoen, Saowapa Chumanee

3. Efficiency improvement by simulation technique in the parcel service company
Prachuab Klomjit, Chanpen Anurattananon, Alongkorn Chatmuangpak, Amnaht Amaluk

4. Improving monthly rainfall forecast model by input selection technique using deep neural network
Shekhar Mahat, Krisada Chaiyasarn, Uruya Weesakul

5. Water balance analysis of tonle sap lake using weap model and satellite-derived data from google earth engine
Phanit Mab, Ekasit Kositsakulchai

6. A 3d free surface flow modelling of bypass diversion channel in chao phraya river using large eddy simulation and volume of fluid model
Chartchay Chumchan, Phadungsak Rattanadecho

7. Data prediction and forecasting techniques based energy efficient cloud-integrated sensor network
Kalyan Das, Satyabrata Das

8. Pm-10 forecasting models using mlpnn with a hotspot predictor over the upper northern thailand
Rati Wongsathan

9. Acute toxicity studies of thai herbal preparation “sao thong tai” in animals
Chakariya Lin, Junya Pattaraarchachai, Kumar Kammal Pawa, Surapote Wongyai

10. Effects of ethanol crude extract of helicteres isora fruit on adipogenesis and fat accumulation in 3t3-l1 cells
Pilaiwan Siripurkpong, Mudtika Fungkrajai

11. Genetic polymorphism of dengue susceptibility genes among bhutanese population
Sonam Gyeltshen, Kesara Na-Bangchang, Wanna Chaijaroenkul

12. In vitro inhibitory efficiency of ventilago denticulata willd. dried leaves extract on alpha-glucosidase, alpha-amylase and lipase and antioxidant activities
Rawinipa Srimoon, Piriyaporn Anartgnam, Patamaporn Tilarux

13. Effect of land–use changes on nitrogen distribution in soil profile in northeast thailand
Benjapon Kunlanit, Laksanara Khwanchum, Darika Bunphan, Patma Vityakon

14. Antibacterial activity of genus bacillus isolated from fresh fruits and vegetables against some foodborne pathogens
Srisuda Kawayasakul

15. Anti-inflammatory effect and total flavonoid content of the ethanolic seed extracts of three umbelliferae species
Sumalee Panthong, Arunporn Itharat, Sasikarn Aukkanibut, Thanaporn Intarawan