1. Analysis of chemical properties and gamma - oryzanol content in luem pua rice bran oil (oryza sativa l.)
Wilaiporn Pongpian, Sasikarn Panpraneecharoen

2. Effect of ammonium sulfate on the porous creating of regenerated cellulose hydrogel from palm oil trunk
Nantharat Phruksaphithak, Anuwat Sukthong, Warintorn Muanpannarai, Atima Theptong

3. Erector spinae muscle activity during lifted people with two persons in lifting phase of manual human handling (mhh)
Chanya Jiemjai, Santhanee Khruakhorn, Patcharee Kooncumchoo

4. Non-scanning acquisition technique for extracting small depth difference on the area of interest
Suchada Rianmora, Maroay Phlernjai

5. Using adaptive integral gain for overshoot reduction in pid control systems
Pinit Ngamsom

6. Comparatively rapid screening tests for diagnosis of hepatitis b virus infection using loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp) paired with lateral flow dipstick (lfd), gold nanoparticles (aunps) and real-time turbid
Suphitcha Augkarawaritsawong, Surangrat Srisurapanon, Sirirat Wachiralurpan, Supatra Areekit, Kosum Chansiri

7. Determination of collagen content and antioxidant activity in sesbania grandiflora (l.) extracts
Sathaporn Satsue, Wilailak Suksai, Kanaporn Tansriprapasiri, Kritsana Pachuen, Napasorn Kummeekorn, Watcharin Phuttasanbundid, Sunisa Sanlad

8. Intron length polymorphism in candidate genes for secondary growth and its application in diversity assessment of amazonian accessions of hevea brasiliensis
Gunlayarat Bhusudsawang, Kittipat Ukoskit