1. Parameter estimation of poisson distribution by using maximum likelihood, markov chain monte carlo, and bayes method
Autcha Araveeporn

2. Tuberose shoots multiplying and callus induction by benzyladenine, naphthaline acetic acid and oryzaline
Anchalee Jala Yongsak Kachonpadungkitti

3. Optimization of fermentation temperature for very high gravity ethanol production using industrial strain of s. cerevisiae sc90
Soisuda Pornpukdeewattana Panida Chalearmkit Panpaphon Iamsamang

4. Extraction of antioxidants from peperomia pellucida l. kunth
Siriporn Phongtongpasuk Sarinya Poadang

5. Photocatalysis disinfection of bacillus subtilis spores in water under sunlight irradiation
Atthaboon Witowitaya Paradee Chuaybamroong Sitthisuntorn Supothina

6. Effects of community health nursing process on health promotion behaviors in adult and elderly based on the primary health care unit in one thai community
Pantip Sangprasert Saowaluk Khakhong Pattoon Damri Somsomg Turien

7. A harmonics suppression technique in neutral conductor for three-phase-four-wire distribution systems
Satitpol khuttiyaboot Nopbhorn Leeprechanon

8. Influence of lateral load patterns on the seismic performance of rc bridges by incremental dynamic analysis
Prakit Chomchuen Virote Boonyapinyo