1. Effect of mineral admixtures on curing sensitivity of concrete
Kinaanath Hussain, Pongsak Choktaweekarn, Somnuk Tangtermsirikul

2. Efficiency comparisons of normality test using statistical pakages
Umaporn Chantasorn

3. Hybrid factor regression approach to identify trading styles of thai equity funds and their attribution
Chuchai Srisansanee

4. Optimization of self-exited induction generator using constrained particle swarm optimization
M.I. Mosaad

5. Effect of paint on drying of cement paste
V.B. Duong, R. Sahamitmongkol, and S. Tangtermsirikul

6. Molecular typing of leptospira clinical isolates in thailand using multiple-locus variable number of tandem repeat analysis (mlva)
Potjanee Srimanote, Buppa Klaysing, Pongsri Tongtawe, Onruedee Khantisltthiporn, Anek Pootong, and Pramuan Tapchaisri