1. Energy management of air conditioning system when facing low cooling load
Manwad Chokesuwattanaskul, Apichat Praditsmanont and Supachart Chungpaibulpatana

2. The effects of er xb flow shear profile on the formation of internal transport barrier in iter
Thawatchai Onjun

3. Increased myocardial energy reservation by two-week creatine supplementation in exercise-trained female hamsters
Kedsara Rakpongsiri and Suwanakiet Sawangkoon

4. Demonstration of a ferrimagnetic ceramic application for position sensor using a visual basic-based measurement system
Thongchai Panmatarith and Sudarat Innoi

5. A matching technique using gradient orientation patterns
Toshiaki Kondo and Waree Kongprawechnon

6. Radiation from gsm systems and the associated effects on human health
Okonigene R.E. and Yesufu A.K.

7. Physicochemical evaluaiton of the water from boreholes selected from the ej and bak districts of the ashanti region of ghana
M.A. Nkansah and J.H. Ephraim

8. Inhibition effect of betel leave extract on the growth of aspergillus flavus and fusarium verticilloides
D. Srichana, A. Phumruang and B. Chongkid