1. Study heat and mass transfer by mixed convection flow from a vertical porous plate with induced magnetic field, constant heat and mass fluxes
Md. Mahmud Alam, Mohammad Rafiqul Islam and Fouzia Rahman

2. Heavy metals removal from cod wastewater by electromechamical treatment process
Anawat Pinisakul and Chinapong Kritayakornupong

3. Analysis fo fungi that grow on formalin-fixed human cadavers at thammasat university
Kajorn Lakchayapakorn, Chinnavat Tharasub and Rattana Tiengtip

4. Production of biodiesel from palm fatty acid distillate
P.Boonnoun,A.Maneesiri and C.Pattamaprom

5. The effect of orange oil-diesel fuel blends on direct injection diesel engine performance exhaust emissions and combustion
K.Purushothaman and G. Nagarajan

6. Finite element analysis of sheet metal under drawing processes for body brake booster
Surasak Suranuntchai

7. Experimental studies on flow characteristics of peristaltic pump
Thananchai Leephakpreeda

8. Survey study of notebook computer use and preferred work postures among thai university students
Tobias Raps and Suebsak Nanthavanij