1. Development of new theoretical-based pedestal temperature model
T. Siriburanon, T. Onjun and O. Onjun

2. Image processing methods for the restoration of digitized paintings
Abhilekh Gupta, Vineet Khandelwal, Abhinav Gupta and M. C. Srivastava

3. Kinetic friction coefficient and factors affecting paddy hulling
Veerapong Kanchanawongkul

4. Kinetic study of thai-lignite char gasification using the random pore model
K. Sangtong-Ngam and M.H. Narasingha

5. Predictions of ion and electron pedestal temperatures in iter
T. Onjun

6. Projections of iter performance based on different pedestal temperature scalings
K. Tharasrisuthi, T. Onjun and O. Onjunpp.

7. The feasibilitv of gaspak envelope production for anaerobic bacteria cultivation
Siriluk Ruangrungrote, Arunee Intasorn, Jariya Sindermsuk and Montagarn Attasongkroah

8. The study of a quantum confinement model of euo nanocrystals using x-ray absorption spectroscopy
Packpoom Sukveeradachgul and Wanchai Pijitrojana