1. A simulation model for predicting the performance of a built-in-storage solar water heater
Pachern Jansa, Supachart Chungpaibulpatana, and Bundit Limmeechokchai

2. Agricultural use of fishpond sediment for environmental amelioration
Md. Mizanur Rahman, Amararatne Yakupitiyage and S. L. Ranamukhaarachchi

3. Behavior of strength and pore pressure of soft bangkok clay under cyclic loading
Anekpong Thammathiwat and Weeraya Chim-oye

4. Computer simulation of the distribution behavior of minor elements in the copper smelting process
Supachai Surapunt

5. Effect of static load models on hopf bifurcation point and critical modes of power systems
N. Mithulananthan and C. A. Cañizares

6. Genetic diversity of wild rice (oryza spp.) in the northern region of thailand
Kittipat Ukoskit

7. Operational control decisions in fms under expediting conditions
Parames Chutima and Chayanee Meesaplak

8. Performance analysis of push, pull, and mixed systems
Jirarat Teeravaraprug and Suphakij Stapholdecha