1. A design sensitivity analysis for crystallinity control
Thananchai Leephakpreeda and Celal Batur

2. A designed des chip with cpld technology
Narong Buabthong, Somchart Chokchaitam, Surachai Hirinitichai, and Kanok Musickmas

3. Aluminium normalization of heavy-metal data from estuarine and coastal sediments of the gulf of thailand
Voravit Cheevaporn and M.L. San Diego-McGlone

4. An evaluation of evaporative emissions of gasoline from storage sites and service stations
S. Wongwises, I. Rattanaprayura and S. Chanchaona

5. Cloning of 1-aminocyclopropane-1 carboxylate deaminase gene from soil microorganism
Theerachai Thanananta, Arunee Engkakul, Surin Peyachoknagul, Pradit Pongtongkam and Somsak Apisitwanich

6. Conservation of unique fossilized shell beds at ban laem pho, krabi, thailand
Sutat Weesakul, Noppadol Phien Wej, Suphat Vongvisessomjai and Prinya Nutalaya

7. Influence of clear liquid shampoo components on preservative activity of parabens
Suwipa Sree-iam, Sanae Kaewnopparat and Sirirat Pinsuwan

8. Random amplified polymorphic dna markers in polyploid rice
K. Klakhaeng, K.R. Renganayaki and A.S. Reddy

9. Rapd technique in silkworm (bombyx mori) strain differentiation and identification
Narumol Thanananta, Panapa Sakssong and Surin Peyachoknagul

10. Theoretical calculations of wave function and absorption coefficient for a ingap-algaas-gaas multiquantum well infrared photodetector structure
Pattamaporn Keshagupta