1. A comprehensive approach to purchasing technology part i development of the approach
N.M.W. Vidyasagara

2. Displacement losses from the refueling operation of passenger cars
S. Wongwises, S. Chanchaona and I. Rattanaprayura

3. Distribution of trace metals in the porewaters of sediments of the bang pakong river estuary, thailand
Voravit Cheevaporn, M.L. San Diego-McGlone, Gil S. Jacinto and Phaithoon Mokkongpai

4. Effects of various levels of detoxified and deallergenized castor meal ration on growth performance and carcass characteristics of fattening swine
Kasidit Uechiewcharnkit and Chainarong Kanthapanit

5. Gross and microscopic structures of the female reproductive system in the whip-tail stingray (dasyatis bleekeri)
Kannika Chatchavalvanich and Rachain Visuttipat

6. Heritability and expected genetic advance for rice characters in relation to yellow orange leaf virus resistance
Boonhong Chongkid

7. Isolation of gene(s) encoding polar flagella core antigen of vibrio parahaemolyticus
Rachanee Hongprayoon and Ronald J. Siebeling

8. Production efficiency analysis with a farm-level average-cost characteristic curves
Aroon Lawanprasert

9. Scientists in developing countries and their roles in research for development
Aree Valyasevi

10. Stability analysis of a fuzzy control system
Thananchai Leephakpreeda and Celal Batur