1. Appropriate technology case study of shrimp farming in thailand and vietnam
Thamrong Prempridi

2. Cross section measurement for 58ni (n,p)58m,gco in the 2-3 mev neutron energy region
T. Chim-oye, B.W. Jimba and J. Csikai

3. Effects of supplementation of palm oil in isonitrogenous diets on broilers
Paichok Panja

4. Fibre optic force sensor and its applications
P. P. Yupapin, M. Hansupanusorn and S. Kusamran

5. Finite element thermal-structural analysis of heated products
Pramote Dechaumphai and Wiroj Lim

6. Fluctuating assymetry a potential indicator for environmental monitoring in thailand
Poranee Utayopas

7. Stable age distributions of lucerne aphid populations in se-tasmania
S. Suwanbutr

8. System dynamics application to suburban development
Naruemon Pinniam and Mikiyasu Nakayama

9. The role of hymenopterous parasitoids attacking citrus leafminer phyllocnistis citrella stainton in pummelo orchard in pichit province, thailand
Pimolporn Nanta, Rut Morakote, Bungorn Lamanakkanee and Surapong Boonyoug

10. Vibration modes of a rockfill dam based on the observations of microtremors and an earthquake
Hiroyuki Wwatanabe, Kenji Kikuchi and Zengyan Cao