1. Red blood cell duffy antigen receptor for chemokines and susceptibility to plasmodium vivax infection in thais
Yupawadee Pimpat, Kawin Leelawat and Usa Lek-Uthai

2. Evaluation of a commercial stool concentrator kit compared to direct smear and formalin-ethyl acetate concentration methods for diagnosis of parasite infection with special reference to opisthorchis viverrini sensu lato in thailand
Nonglak Laoprom, Luxana Laithavewat, Kulthida Kopolrat, Nadda Kiatsopit, Sasithorn Kaewkes, Sumalee Chantalux, Cherdpong Mongkolsin, Boonjan Chanmaha, Ross H Andrews, Trevor N Petney and Paiboon Sithithaworn

3. Prevalence and associated risk factors of intestinal parasites in humans and domestic animals across borders of thailand and lao pdr: focus on hookworm and threadworm
Nunthawadee Niamnuy, Morakot Kaewthamasorn, Kanungnit Congpuong, Bounthanh Phaytanavanh and Vitool Lohsoonthorn

4. Investigation of mosquitoes with emphasis on aedes (finlaya) poicilius, putative vector of bancroftian filariasis on panay island, the philippines
Wilfredo Aure, Majhalia Torno, Richard P Malijan, Estrella Cruz, Leda Hernandez, Mario Baquilod, Michael J Bangs and Ferdinand V Salazar

5. Prevalence and risk factors of hepatitis b and c virus infections among hemodialysis patients from private hemodialysis units in surabaya, indonesia
Takako Utsumi, Pranawa, Maria I Lusida, Yoshihiko Yano, Rury M Wahyuni, Anittagwa Istimagfiroh, Mochamad Amin, Hanggoro T Rinonce, Juniastuti, Aditia Wardana, Artaria Tjempakasari, Widodo Basuki, Soetjipto, Hak Hotta and Yoshitake Hayashi

6. Knowledge and attitude of health care workers toward patients with hepatitis c infection
P?nar Korkmaz, Cemile Uyar, Ahmet Ozmen and Onur Toka

7. Henoch-schonlein purpura nephritis following influenza vaccination: a case report and review of the literature
Jing-Yi Liu, Qiang-song Wu, Min Liu, Lan Wang, Yan-hong Gao

8. Detection of burkholderia pseudomallei from post-flood soil samples in kelantan, malaysia
Rafiza Shaharudin, Norazah Ahmad, Muhammad Amir Kamaluddin and Yuvaneswary Veloo

9. Sxt element, class 1 integron and multidrug-resistance genes of vibrio cholerae isolated from clinical and environmental sources in northeast thailand
Wanida Mala, Wanlop Kaewkes, Unchalee Tattawasart, Suwin Wongwajana, Kiatichai Faksri and Chariya Chomvarin

10. A cat-bite wound infected with vibrio alginolyticus following use of sea cucumber oil
NA Mohamed, PG Joseph, H Hussin and R Hashim

11. Risk of salmonella in a suburban region of vientiane, lao people’s democratic republic
Yutaka Midorikawa, Satoshi Nakamura, Rattanaphone Phetsouvanh, Manivanh Vongsouvaht and Kaoru Midorikawa

12. Clinical characteristics and antibiotic resistance pattern of pathogens in pediatric urinary tract infection
Yupaporn Amornchaicharoensuk

13. Antibiotic resistance and mortality in children with nosocomial bloodstream infection in a teaching hospital in indonesia
Indah K Murni, Trevor Duke, Andrew J Daley, Sharon Kinney and Yati Soenarto

14. Prevalence and predictors of bacteremia among children hospitalized with pneumonia
Anchalee Senavonge, Sumalee Hantragool and Vorasuk Shotelersuk

15. Emergence of co-carbapenemase genes, blaoxa23, blavim and blandm in carbapenem-resistant acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates
Wichai Santimaleeworagun, Wandee Samret, Praewdow Preechachuawong, Anusak Kerdsin and Tossawan Jitwasinkul

16. High level of shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli and occurrence of stx-negative e. coli o157 from raw meats: characterization of virulence profile and genetic relatedness
Siriwan Sirikaew, Kannika Sukkua, Pattamarat Rattanachuay, Saowapar Khianngam and Pharanai Sukhumungoon

17. Nocardia beijingensis brain abscess in an hiv infected patient: a first case report and literature review
Pakpoom Phoompoung and Pornpan Koomanachai

18. A cladophialophora brain abscess in a renal transplant recipient
Ujjwayini Ray, Soma Dutta and Chandrashish Chakravarty

19. Prevalence of hypertension, anemia, asymptomatic urinary tract infection, syphilis, hiv and hepatitis b virus infection among pregnant women attending an antenatal clinic at a rural hospital in southern ethiopia
Chala Deme, Beyene Edao, Gemedi Jaya, Gebre Tisiano, Hayi Fano, I?aki Alegria, Francisco Reyes, Miguel Gorgolas and Jos? M Ramos

20. Pilot screening program for thalassemia in a country with limited resources: a collaboration model between close neighboring countries
Kasama Wongprachum, Kanokwan Sanchaisuriya, Virak Vidamaly, Souphathay Sorpasirth, Maneelay Dethvongphanh, Boualay Norcharoen, Bousanit Htalongsengchan, Goonnapa Fucharoen, Supan Fucharoen, Frank P Schelp, Sastri Saowakontha and Pattara Sanchaisuriya

21. First identification of hemoglobin lansing-ramathibodi [?87(f8)his  gln; cac>cag (hba1: c.264c>g)] in a thai family with spurious hypoxemia
Satariya Trakulsrichai, Bhakbhoom Panthan, Paisan Jittorntam, Pimjai Niparuck, Charuwan Sriapha, Wasun Chantratita, Winai Wananukul and Objoon Trachoo

22. Comparison of medical costs and care of appendectomy patients between fee-for-service and set fee for diagnosis-related group systems in 20 chinese hospitals
Yin-hua Zhang, Guo-ping He and Jing-wei Liu

23. Effect of institution-based management for elderly health promotion program in northeastern thailand
Kemika Sombateyotha, Natchaporn Pichainarong, Frank-Peter Schelp and Pissamai Homchampa

24. Prevalence and factors influencing betel nut chewing among adults in west insein township, yangon, myanmar
Su Kyaw Myint, Kulaya Narksawat and Jutatip Sillabutra

25. A 3-month study of fluoride release from different calcium phosphate fluoride varnishes on primary teeth
Praphasri Rirattanapong, Kadkao Vongsavan, Chavengkiat Saengsirinavin and Nisarat Jantarakam

26. Prevalence, severity and factors associated with dental fluorosis among children aged 8-10 years in bangkok, thailand
Siriruk Nakornchai, Piyawan Hopattaraput and Tippanart Vichayanrat

27. Fluoride content of commercially available bottled drinking water in bangkok, thailand
Praphasri Rirattanapong and Opas Rirattanapong