1. Discovery and development of antiplasmodial compounds in thailand during the 21st century
Saranya Auparakkitanon

2. Parasitic infection among hiv aids patients at bela-bela clinic, limpopo province, south africa with special reference to cryptosporidium
A Samie, S Makuwa, S Mtshali, N Potgieter, O Thekisoe, P Mbati, PO Bessong

3. Edically important mosquitoes in the rubber plantation belt of central kerala, india
KV Jomon and TT Valamparampil

4. Application of post-pcr methods for analysis of mosquito densovirus
Ubonwan Jotekratok, Kobporn Boonnak, Aroonroong Suttitheptumrong, and Sa-nga Pattanakitsakul

5. Alterations in brain cerebral cortex proteome of rabies-infected cat
Songsri Kasempimolporn, Boonlert Lumlertdacha, Pannipa Chulasugandha, Supatsorn Boonchang and Visith Sitprija

6. Rotavirus infection in children and adults with acute gastroenteritis in thailand
Leera Kittigul, Thitiluck Swangsri, Kannika Pombubpa, Nopporn Howteerakul, Pornphan Diraphat and Chakrit Hirunpetcharat

7. Quality of life assessment among patients living with hiv aids at a tertiary care hospital in thailand
P Bunjoungmanee, K Chunloy, A Tangsathapornpong, T Khawcharoenporn, A Apisarnthanarak

8. Novel mutation detection in rpob of rifampicin-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis using pyrosequencing
Kyi Pyar Min Htike, Pannamthip Pitaksajjakul, Natthakan Tipkrua, Waranya Wongwit, Pornrutsami Jintaridh and Pongrama Ramasoota

9. Risk factors for poor tuberculosis treatment outcomes in makassar, indonesia
PFD Scheelbeek, AJG Wirix, M Hatta, R Usman, MI Bakker

10. Factors influencing non-adherence to tuberculosis treatment in jepara, central java, indonesia
A Rondags, AB Himawan, JFM Metsemakers, TN Kristina

11. Oropharyngeal and miliary pulmonary tuberculosis without respiratory symptom
JH Chang, JH Kim, JW Kang, JH Kim

12. Identification and characterization of carbapenemase genes in clinical isolates of carbapenemresistant acinetobacter baumannii from a general hospital in thailand
Wichai Santimaleeworagun, Anukul Thathong, Wandee Samret, Praewdow Preechachuawong, Weerayuth Sae-lim and Tossawan

13. First report in thailand of a stx-negative escherichia coli o157 strain from a patient with diarrhea
Monchanok Themphachana, Yoshitsugu Nakaguchi, Mitsuaki Nishibuchi, Kazuko Seto, Pattamarat Rattanachuay, Kamonnut Singkhamanan and Pharanai Sukhumungoon

14. First case report of brucellosis in a child in thailand
Keswadee Lapphra, Amornrut Leelaporn, Nirun Vanprapar, Pimpanada Chearskul, Naphatsara Sawawiboon, Orasri Wittawatmongkol and Kulkanya Chokephaibulkit

15. Epidemiology, clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes of healthcare-associated methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus bloodstream infections at chiang mai university hospital
Romanee Chaiwarith, Phongsathon Pacharasupa and Thira Sirisanthana

16. Characteristics of sex partners and sexual partnership correlates of inconsistent condom use among male injection drug users in india
W Tun, A Sarna, A Bhattacharya, L Apicella, YS Singh, D Lewis

17. Prevalence of anemia, iron deficiency, thalassemia and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency among hill-tribe school children in omkoi district, chiang mai
Jintana Yanola, Chatpat Kongpan and Sakorn Pornprasert

18. Smoking, alcohol consumption and betal-quid chewing among young adult myanmar laborers in thailand
Kyaw Htin, Nopporn Howteerakul, Nawarat Suwannapong and Mathuros Tipayamongkholgul

19. Occupational risk towards blood-borne infections among ambulance personnel in a provincial hospital network in thailand
Pipat Luksamijarulkul, Sirikun Pipitsangjan and Pisit Vatanasomboon

20. Energy and macronutrient intakes in older urban and rural iranian adults
JA Iranagh, SA Motalebi, YM Chan, NA Iranagh, EA Iranagh, J Rasouli

21. Relationship between active information exchange and the quality of life (qol) of women living in lao people’s democratic republic
K Sone, M Nakao, P Lamaningao, Y Sugiura, H Yamamoto, K Yamaoka

22. Knowledge, attitudes and practices (kap) regarding influenza a (h1n1) among a population living along thai-myanmar border, ratchaburi
Natefa Rukmanee, Surapon Yimsamran, Prasert Rukmanee, Nipon Thanyavanich, Wanchai Maneeboonyang, Supalarp Puangsa-art, Pitak Wuthisen, Saranath Lawpoolsri, Sutthiporn Prommongkol, Wuthichai Chaimoongkun and Wirichada Pan-ngum