1. Effects of antimalarial drugs on movement of plasmodium falciparum
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2. Cloning and expression of toxoplasma gondii dense granule antigen 2 (gra2) gene by pichia pastoris
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3. Case report. the first reported case of autochthonous cutaneous leishmaniasis in thailand
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4. Diversity of gastrointestinal helminths among murid rodents from northern and northeastern thailand
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5. Resistance of aedes aegypti (l.) larvae to temephos in surabaya indonesia
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6. Insecticide susceptibility status of field-collected aedes (stegomyia) aegypti (l.) from a dengue endemic site in shah alam selangor malaysia
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7. Literature review of parasitoids of filth flies in thailand a list of species with brief notes on bionomics of common species
C Apiwathnasorn

8. Evaluation of two igm rapid immunochromatographic tests during circulation of asian lineage chikungunya virus
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9. Case report. severe perinatal dengue hemorrhagic fever in a low birth weight infant
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10. Epidemiological characteristics clinical presentation and diagnosis at point-of-care during the first wave of the h1n1 influenza pandemic in cambodia
C Yasuda, L Sovann, M Kasper, M Williams, TF Wierzba

11. Influence of abcb-1 c3435t polymorphisms on plasma nevirapine and efavirenz levels and their effects on virologic and immunological outcomes in hiv-tb co-infected
S Uttayamakul, S Likanonsakul, W Manosuthi, N Wichukchinda, T Shioda, S Khusmith

12. Detection of multidrug-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis directly from sputum samples of patients from jakarta indonesia by radioisotope-based
ML Rosilawati, A Yasmon

13. Campylobacter in chicken carcasses and slaughterhouses in malaysia
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14. Prevalence of caga epiya motifs in helicobacter pylori among dyspeptic patients in northeast thailand
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15. Antimicrobial susceptibility pattern and distribution of exou and exos in clinical isolates of pseudomonas aeruginosa at a malaysian hospital
SN Atiqah Idris, MN Mohd Desa, MN Aziz, NM Taib

16. Research note. tn5-ot182 should not be used to identify genes involved in biofilm formation in burkholderia pseudomallei
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17. Research note. clostridium perfringens and sulphite reducing clostridia densities in selected tropical malaysian rivers
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18. Invasive pneumococcal disease among hospitalized children aged 28 days to 60 months in jarkarta
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19. Case report. early onset neonatal bacterial meningitis caused by streptococcus gallolyticus subsp. pasteurianus
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20. Obstructive sleep apnea among children with severe beta-thalassemia
S Sritippayawan, S Norasetthekul, I Nuchprayoon, J Deerojanawong, T Desudchit, N Prapphal

21. Predictors of family management behavior for children with thalassemia
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22. Glycemic control quality of life and self-care behavior among adolescents with type 1 diabetes who attended a diabetes camp
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23. Research note. identification of tropomyosin as major allergen of white squid (loligo edulis) by two-dimensional immunoblotting and mass spectrometry
ZH Mohamad Yadzir, R Misnan, S Murad

24. Nutrition education and knowledge attitude and hemoglobin status of malaysian adolescents
H Yusoff, WN Wan Daud, Z Ahmad

25. Exposure to volatile organic compounds and health risks among residents in an area affected by a petrochemical complex in rayong thailand
W Tanyanont, N Vichit-Vadakan

26. Exhaled carbon monoxide levels among malaysian male smokers with nicotine dependence
CG Ng, AY Hway Ann

27. Smoking behavior among 14-17 year old students a comparison between pakistan and the uk
MO Husain, V Duddu, M Husain, A Drury, N Chaudhry, N Husain

28. Health impact assessment a case study on renovation of a slaughterhouse
S Hengpraprom, P Sithisarankul

29. Testing a health impact assessment tool by assessing community opinion about a public park
S Hengpraprom, S Bualert, P Sithisarankul

30. Effect of an essential oil-containing dentifrice on established plaque and gingivitis
P Kraivaphan, C Amornchat

31. Factors associated with parent capability on child is oral health care
K Mitrakul, V Laovoravit, V Vanichanuwat, A Charatchaiwanna, A Charatchaiwanna, W Bunpradit, M Arunakul