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7. Early reporting of pandemic flu and the challenge of global surveillance a lesson for southeast asia
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11. Stigmatization and discrimination towards people living with or affected by hiv-aids by the general public in malaysia
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12. Accelerating the development of an aids viccine the aids vaccine for asia network (avan)
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16. Surface plasmon resonance immunosensor for rapid and specific diagnosis of melioidosis antibody
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17. Research note. heterologously type iv pilus expressed protein of burkholderia pseudomallei is immunogenic but fails to induce protective immunity in mice
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20. Higher intake of fruits and vegetables in pregnancy is associated with birth size
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27. Comparison of quality of life and mental health among elderly people in rural and suburban areas thailand
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28. Effect of five different dental products on surface hardness of enamel exposed to chlorinated water in vitro
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29. Tmph.42.05.2011.errata

30. Genotypic and phenotypic differentiation of salmonella enterica serovar paratyphi b in malaysia
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