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2. Determination of discriminatory power of genetic markers used for genotyping giardia duodenalis
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3. Roles of partially purified antigens from gnathostoma spinigerum larvae on antibody production by human b cell culture
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4. Impact of hookworm deworming on anemia and nutritional status among children in thailand
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5. Screening scheme development for active tb prediction among hiv-infected patients
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7. In vitro activity of colistin or sulbactam in combination with fosfomycin or imipenem against clinical isolates of carbapenem-resistant
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11. Assessment of appropriateness of restricted antibiotic use in charoenkrung pracharak hospital a tertiary care hospital in bangkok thailand
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12. Association between retinol-binding protein and renal function among asian subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus a cross-sectional study
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13. Toxicity from ingestion of jatropha curcas (saboo dum) seeds in thai children
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14. Health-related quality of life in thai thalassemic children treated with iron chelation
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15. Case report. fatal neurotoxic envenomation from the bite of a lesser black krait (bungarus lividus) in nepal
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16. Prediction equations for lung function in healthy life time never-smoking malaysian population
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20. Factors related to community participation by stroke victims six month post-stroke
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21. Community awareness and perceptions of health sector preparedness and response to cyclone nargis
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22. Factors associated with use of improved water sources and sanitation among rural primary schoolchildren in pursat province cambodia
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23. The effect of casein phosphopeptide toothpaste versus flouride toothpaste on remineralization of primary teeth enamel
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