1. A survey of ectoparasitic arthropods on domestic animals in tak province, thailand
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2. Age-dependent susceptibilities of bulinus truncatus snails to an aqueous extract of pulicaria crispa (forssk.) oliv. (asteraceae) leaves
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3. Assessment of iodine nutrition status among school age children of nepal by urinary iodine assay
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4. Bacterial meningitis incidence in thai children estimated by a rapid assessment tool (rat)
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5. Bowel movements of normal thai infants
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6. Cardiovascular risk factors in elderly normalipidemic acute myocardial infarct patients - a case controlled study from india
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7. Case reports. phimosis and scrotal lesions in leprosy two case reports
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8. Clinical features of 60 consecutive icu-treated patients envenomed by bungarus multicinctus
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9. Demographic determinants for cesarean delivery in pattani hospital
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10. Detection of phenylketonuria by the newborn screening program in thailand
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11. Diagnostic challenge of gastrointestinal tuberculosis a report of 34 cases and an overview of the literature
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12. Evaluation of permanet r 2.0 mosquito bednets againsts mosquitoes, including anopheles minimus s.l., in india
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13. Factors associated with diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia in children of northern thailand
C Muangchana

14. False positive rates of thallassemia screening in rural clinical setting 10-year experience in thailand
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15. Genotypic distribution of hepatitis c virus in voluntary blood donors of northern thailand
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16. Identification of entamoeba histolytica and entamoeba dispar by pcr assay of fecal specimens obtained from thai-myanmar border region
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17. Prevalence of metabolic syndrome among middle aged women in babol, iran
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18. Psychosocial burden of women with abnormal pap smears
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19. Rapid flow cytometric test using eosin-5-maleimide for diagnosis of red blood cell membrane disorders
K Tachavanich, VS Tanphaichitr, W Utto, V Viprakasit

20. Refractoriness of aedes aegypti (linnaeus) to dual infection with dengue and chikungunya virus
A Rohani, R Potiwat, I Zamree, HL Lee

21. Research note. seasonal occurrence of phlebotominae sand flies (phlebotominae diptera) and it’s correlation with kala-azar in eastern uttar pradesh, india
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22. Safety and efficacy of ckbm-a01, a chinese herbal medicine, among asymptomatic hiv patients
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23. Serum leptin levels and body composition in obese thai children
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24. Streptococcus suis infection a prospective study in northern thailand
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25. Structure and function of hiv-1 crf01_ae envelope proteins from blood and genital fluid isolates
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26. Thai family health routines scale development and psychometric testing
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27. Tmph.40.03.09-erratum