1. Alcohol consumption among university students applying a social ecological approach for multilevel preventions
S Vantamay

2. Application of cloud point extraction for the determination of pyrene in natural water
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10. Detection of dengue virus in platelets isolated from dengue patients
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11. Development of a comprehensive red blood cell enzymopathy laboratory in thailand the study of normal activity in eight erythroenzymes in thais
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12. Epidemiology and the effect of treatment of soil-transmitted helminthiasis in pregnant women in southern thailand
T Liabsuetrakul, the Southern Soil-Transmitted Helminthes and Maternal Health (SSTH and MH) Working Group

13. Expression and purification of 30 kilodalton protein antigen of ara- burkholderia pseudomallei
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14. Field evaluation in thailand of spinosad, a larvicide derived from saccharopolyspora spinosa (actinomycetales) against aedes aegypti (l.) larvae
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15. Genotoxic effects of borax on cultured lymphocytes
M Pongsavee

16. High prevalence of microsporidium infection in hiv-infected patients
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17. Immunogenicity and safety of a dtap-ipv-prp-t vaccine (pentaximtm) booster during the second year of life in thai children primed with an acellular pertussis combined vaccine
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18. Pesticide use patterns among small-scale farmers a case study from phitsanulok, thailand
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20. Prime-boost vaccination using recombinant mycobacterium bovis bcg and recombinant vaccinia virus dis harboring hiv-1 crf01_ae gag in mice influence of immunization routes
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21. Remineralization of enamel subsurface lesions by xylitol chewing gum containing funoran and calcium hydrogenphosphate
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22. Research note. pila ampullacea and pomacea canaliculata, as new paratenic hosts of gnathostoma spinigerum
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24. Thalassemic mothers and their babies
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