1. A comparison of dengue hemorrhagic fever control interventions in northeastern thailand
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2. A diphtheria outbreak in buri ram, thailand
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3. Assessing the efficiency of hospital pharmacy services in thai public district hospitals
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4. Audit of pediatric hematology-oncology outpatients in kuala lumpur
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5. Bed rails and endotracheal tube connectors as possible sources for spreading acinetobacter baumannii in ventilator-associated pneumonia patients
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6. Blood zinc levels and clinical severity of dengue hemorrhagic fever in children

7. Case report. cryptococcus neoformans septicemia in an immunocompetent neonate- first case report in thailand
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8. Case report. cutaneous melioidosis and necrotizing fasciitis with pulmonary involvement in a chicken seller
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9. Case report. pulmonary blastomycosis diagnosed in hawaii
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10. Case report. symmetric peripheral gangrene of the lower limbs in a case of complicated falciparum malaria
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11. Changes in erythrocyte glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (g6pd) and reduced glutathione (gsh) activities in the development of senile and diabetic cataracts
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12. Characterization of 2-deoxy-d-glucose uptake in fibroblast cultures derived from patients with a3243g mitochondrial dna mutation
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16. Impact of larviciding with a bacillus thuringiensis israelensis formulation, vectobac wg , on dengue mosquito vectors in a dengue endemic site in selangor state, malaysia
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17. Meeting report. expanding research capacity and accelerating aids vaccine development in asia
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24. Risky sexual behavior, knowledge of sexually transmitted infections and treatment utilization among a vulnerable population in rawalpindi, pakistan
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25. Survival of vibrio cholerae on different finger locations of a volunteer following artificial inoculation
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