1. A food borne outbreak of gastroenteritis due to shigella and possibly salmonella in a school
K Chanachai, C Pittayawonganon, D Areechokchai, C Suchatsoonthorn, L Pokawattana, C Jiraphongsa

2. Application of geographic information system in tsh neonatal screening for monitoring of iodine deficiency areas in thailand
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3. Case report. an unusual case of urethral hiriduniasis
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4. Case reports. ciguatera fish poisoning with elevated muscle enzymes and abnormal spinal mri
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5. Class 1 integrons and multidrug resistance among escherichia coli isolates from human stools
S Phongpaichit, K Wuttananupan, W Samasanti

6. Clinical features and differences between child and adult dengue infections in rayong province, southeast thailand
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7. Clinical features and risk factors for hiv encephalopathy in children
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8. Control of aggregated populations of the eye fly siphunculina funicola (diptera- chlorpidae) using pyrethroid aerosols
U Chansang, MS Mulla

9. Control of mosquito vectors of tropical infectious diseases- (2) pyrethroid susceptibility of aedes aegypti (l.) collected from different sites in thailand
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10. Dengue infections in hiv patients
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11. Detection of helminth infections in dogs and soil contamination in rural and urban areas
MY Noor Azian, L Sakhone, S Lokman Hakim, MY Yusri, Y Nurulsyamzawaty, AH Zuhaizam, I Mohd Rodi, MN Maslawaty

12. Distribution of c14 -labelled arteether in kidneys and livers of experimental mice after intramuscular injection
C Cheeramakara, V Khachonsaksumet, N Suthisai, W Nakosiri, K Songmuaeng, C Saenghirun, D Phienpicharn, A Nontprasert

13. Efficacy of agnique (mmf) monomolecular surface film against immature stages of anopheles arabiensis patton and culex spp (diptera- culicidae)
AI Bashir, A Abu Hassan, MR Che Salmah, WA Rahman

14. Food behavior and folate status of hill-tribe schoolchildren and women of childbearing age on the northern border of thailand
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15. Heavy metals in selected edible vegetables and estimation of their daily intake in sanandaj, iran
A Maleki, MA Zarasvand

16. Low birth weight infants born to hiv-seropositive mothers and hiv-seronegative mothers in chiang rai, thailand
R Mitgitti, P Seanchaisuriya, FP Schelp, EJ Marui, H Yanai

17. Quality of life and compliance among type 2 diabetic patients
W Chaveepojnkamjorn, N Pichainarong, FP Schelp, U Mahaweerawat

18. Researce note. detection of htert mrna in gastrointestinal tract cancer specimens
W Udomchaiprasertkul, S Narong, M Kongsema, K Leelawat

19. Research note. enterobiasis- a neglected infection in adults
M Sato, S Sanguankiat, S Pubampen, T Kusolsuk

20. Research note. molecular phylogenetic relationship of paragonimus pseudoheterotremus
U Thaenkham, J Waikagul

21. Research note. phylogenetic relationship of plasmodium falciparum populations in the philippines
M Iwagami, T Hatabu, S-i Kawazu, AS Escueta, EA Villacorte, P Tongol-Rivera, S Kano

22. Selective cytotoxic activity against leukemic cell lines from mosquitocidal bacillus thuringiensis parasporal inclusions
VD Nadarajah, D Ting, KK Chan, SM Mohamed, K Kanakeswary, HL Lee

23. Tetrodotoxin poisoning following ingestion of the toxic eggs of the horseshoe crab carcinoscorpius rotundicauda, a case series from 1994 through 2006
J Kanchanapongkul

24. The epidemiological relationship between salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium and salmonella enterica serovar 4,(5),12 i- isolates from humans and swine in thailand
S Pornruangwong, T Sriyapai, C Pulsrikarn, P Sawanpanyalert, S Boonmar, A Bangtrakulnonth

25. The fear of awful smell- risk perceptions among farmers in vietman using wastewater and human excreta in agriculture
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26. The first poison control center in vietnam- experiences of its initial years
HT Hung, NgT Du, J Höjer