1. Antenatal care procedures and information reported by women in three rural areas of vietnam
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2. Case report. aeromonas hydrophila wound infection following a tiger bite in nepal
JM Easow, R Tuladhar

3. Case report. cutaneous allergic vasculitis due to solenopsis geminata (hymenoptera - formicidae) envenomation in indonesia
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4. Case report. socioeconomic considerations regarding a land mine victim with maxillofacial injuries
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5. Case reports. cystic echinococcosis in thailand with a special note on detection by serology in one family
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6. Changing patterns of antimicrobial susceptibility of shigella serotypes isolated from children with acute diarrhea in manipal, south india, a 5 year study
B Mamatha, BR Pusapati, C Rituparna

7. Correlations in survivin expression with the expression of p53 and bcl-2 in invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast
FS Al-Joudi, ZA Iskandar, AK Imran

8. Effectiveness of influenza vaccination in prevention of influenza-like illness among inhabitants of old folk homes
l Isahak, AA Mahayiddin, R Ismail

9. Effects of tobacco smoking on alpha-2-macroglobulin and some biochemical parameters in thai males
K Suriyaprom, T Harnroongroj, P Namjuntra, Y Chantaranipapong, R Tungtrongchitr

10. Efficacy of pulsed dyed laser (585 nm) in the treatment of molluscum contagiosum subtype 1
S Chatproedprai, K Suwannakarn, S Wananukul, A Theamboonlers, Y Poovorawan

11. Evaluation of a practical method to assess antiretroviral adherence in hiv-infected thai children
N Plipat, U Kottapat, C Komoltri, J Voradilokkul, W Anansakunwatt, P Chearskul, K Lapphra, W Phongsamart, S Chearskul, K Chokephaibulkit, N Vanprapar

12. Examination of diarrheal stools in hat yai city, south thailand, for escherichia coli o157 and other diarrheagenic escherichia coli using immunomagnetic separation and pcr method
S Kalnauwakul, M Phengmak, U Kongmuang, Y Nakaguchi, M Nishibuchi

13. Obituary

14. Occurrence of qace-qace 1 genes and their correlation with class 1 integrons in salmonella enterica isolates from poultry and swine
R Chuanchuen, S Khemtong, P Padungtod

15. Predatory efficiency of the sewage drain inhabiting larvae of toxorhynchites splendens wiedemann on culex quinquefasciatus say and armigeres subalbatus (coquillett) larvae
G Aditya, S Bhattacharyya, N Kundu, PK Kar, GK Saha

16. Research note. assessment of in vitro antimalarial interactions between dihydroartemisinin and fosmidomycin
W Chaijaroenkul, P Pruktal, P Muhamad, K Na-Bangchang

17. Research note. detection of vaca gene specific for helicobactor pylori in hepatocellular carcinoma and cholangiocarcinoma specimens of thai patients
K Leelawat, N Suksumek, S Leelawat, U Lek-Uthai

18. Research note. plasma d-dimer levels in patients with typhoid fever
K Ohnishi, F Nakamura-Uchiyama and N Komiya

19. Research note. prevalence of human cytomegalovirus (hcmv) gb genotypes in thai patients
P Bhattarakosol, S Chantaraarphonkun

20. Research note. roseomonas gilardii subsp rosea, a pink bacterium associated with bacteremia- the first case in thailand
S Srifuengfung, P Tharavichitkul, S Pumprueg, C Tribuddharat

21. Research note. sensitive detection of pneumocystis jirovecii dna in gastric wash using nested polymerase chain reaction
S Limawongpranee, D Wanachiwanawin, K Chokephaibulkit, J Onchrotchanakun, P Lertlaituan, S Wankhom

22. Research note. the incidence of hypertension among a select population of adults in the niger delta region of nigeria
ZM Ofuya

23. Role of interleukin-3 and signaling pathways on b-thalassemia-hbe erythroid progenitor cell in culture
DI Tanyong, P Winichagoon, D Siripin, W Seevakool, S Fucharoen

24. Social support among elderly in khon kean province, thailand
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25. Surveillance of subtype and genetic variation of the circulating strains of hiv-1 in thailand
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