1. Case report. a rapidly fatal case of paton-valentine leukocidin positive staphylococcus aureus necrotizing pneumonia in an hiv-infected patient
P Chetchotisakd, S Anunnatsiri, S Puapermpoonsiri, C Prariyachatgul, J Chumpol

2. Case report. concurrent salmonella bacteremia in p. vivax infection - a report of 2 cases at the hospital for tropical diseases, thailand
W Piyaphanee, R Issarachaikul, P Soontarach, U Silachamroon

3. Case report. granulomatous, hepatolithiasis and hepatomegaly caused by capillaria hepatica infection- first case report of thailand
S Tesana, A Puapairoj, O-T Saeseow

4. Case report. multiple mycobacterium tuberculosis infections in an hiv-infected patient
AGM van der Zanden, Z Rahim, G Fedder, J Vos-van Adrichem, FW Sebens, FGC Heilmann, D van Soolingen

5. Characterization of mycobacterium africanum subtype i among cows in a dairy farm in bangladesh using spoligotyping
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6. Ecology of vector mosquitoes in sri lanka – suggestions for future mosquito control in rice ecosystems
J Yasuoka, R Levins

7. Epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic features of pediatric kala-azar
KM Rahim, MM Ashkan

8. Evaluation of lipid peroxidation product, nitrite and antioxidant levels in newly diagnosed and two months follow-up patients with pulmonary tuberculosis
M Lamsal, N Gautam, N Bhatta, BD Toora, SK Bhattacharya, N Baral

9. Factors for predicting successful immune response of hepatitis b vaccination in hiv-1 infected patients
P Ungulkraiwit, Y Jongjirawisan, K Atamasirikul, S Sungkanuparph

10. Genetic variations in aeromonas hydrophila isolates from clinical and environmental sources in thailand
S Korbsrisate, S Trakulsomboon, S Damnin, J Gatedee, OA Ratchtrachenchai, A Leelaporn, B Eampokalap, C Gongviseisoog, S Suparak

11. In vitro and in vivo antiplasmodial activity and cytotoxicity of extracts of phyllanthus niruri l. herbs traditionally used to treat malaria in indonesia
Mustofa, EN Sholikhah, S Wahyuono

12. Larvicidal efficacy of new formulations of temephos in non-woven sachets against larvae of aedes aegypti (l.) (diptera- culicidae) in water-storage containers
A Tawatsin, U Thavara, J Chompoosri, P Bhakdeenuan, P Asavadachanukorn

13. Presentation and endoscopic management of biliary ascariasis
S Alam, G Mustafa, N Ahmad, M Khan

14. Prevalence of domestic violence during pregnancy in a turkish community
SE Deveci, Y Acik, C Gulbayrak, M Tokdemir, A Ayar

15. Quality of life of road accident head-injured patients after craniotomy
A Chaikoolvatana, S Sripech

16. Rehydration with sodium-enriched coconut water after exercise-induced dehydration
I Ismail, R Singh, RG Sirisinghe

17. Repellent activity of essential oils against cockroaches (dictyoptera- blattidae, blattellidae, blaberidae) in thailand
A Tawatsin, U Thavara, P Bhakdeenuan, P Wongsinkongman, T Boonruad, J Bansiddhi, P Chavalittumrong, N Komalamisra, P Siriyasatien, MS Mulla

18. Research note. detection of campylobacter in duck using standard culture method and multiplex polymerase chain reaction
S Boonmar, S Yingsakmongkon, T Songserm, P Hanhaboon, W Passadurak

19. Research note. five-year study of antimicrobial susceptibility and b-lactamase production in haemophilu influenzae
S Srifuengfung, M Chayakulkeeree, K Chokephaibulkit, C Tribuddharat

20. Research note. intertidal snail-trematode communities on the southern thailand before and after the south asia tsunami
M Harada, P Sri-aroon, C Lohachit, C Fujimoto, Arif-Ul- Hasan, R Itaki, S Suguri, Y Chusongsang, P Chusongsang

21. Research note. torquetenovirus infection among northeastern thai blood donors
Y Urwijitaroon, S Barusrux, K Chunlertlith, P Mairiang, H Yoshimura

22. Seroprevalence of hepatitis b and c virus infections among lao blood donors
P Jutavijittum, A Yousukh, B Samountry, K Samountry, A Ounavong, T Thammavong, J Keokhamphue, K Toriyama

23. Suction clearance and 2 topical miconazole versus the same combination with acidic drops in the treatment of otomycosis
K Kiakojuri, MRH Roushan, SAA Sepidgar

24. Syndromic management training for non-formal care providers in pakistan improves quality of care for sexually transmitted diseases std care- a randomized clinical trial
SA Shah, S Kristensen, MA Memon, HL White, SH Vermund

25. Typing of thai clinical isolates of mycobacterium leprae and analysis of leprosy transmission by polymorphism of tandem repeats
S Srisungngam, J Rudeeaneksin, S Wattanpokayakit, S Pasadorn, R Tragoolpua, S Suwanrit, P Sawanpanyalert, B Phetsuksiri

26. Use of rk39 for diagnosis of post kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis in nepal
ML Das, M Deb, BMS Karki, M Sarif, B Khanal, SK Bhattacharya, S Agrawal, S Koirala