1. A histopathological study of hearts and spleens of hamsters (mesocricetus auratus) infected with leptospira interogans, serovar pyrogenes
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3. A study of the factors related to intima-media thickness of the common carotid artery amongst rural middle age individuals in hostpital universiti sains malaysia
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4. Analysis of a previous smallpox vaccination study- estimation of the time period required to acquire vaccine-induced immunity as assessed by revaccination
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7. Case report. acute cholecystitis caused by clonorchis sinensis
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8. Case report. avian influenza a (h5n1) infection in a child
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9. Case report. eye lesion caused by adult brugia malayi- a first case reported in a child from malaysia
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10. Case report. strongyloidiasis with gastric mucosal invasion presenting with acute interstitial nephritis
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13. Cost-benefit analysis of an intensive adverse product reactions monitoring program of inpatients in thailand
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14. Dengue in pregnancy
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15. Detection of heterogeneous, intermediate-vancomycin-resistant staphylococcus aureus ( hvisa) using low-concentration vancomycin disks
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16. Distribution of mast cells in relation to schistosoma japonicum induced lesions in pigs
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17. Duplex pcr-hybridization based detection of pathogenic leptospira in environmental water samples obtained from endemic areas in northeast region of thailand
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18. Efficacy and safety of halofantrine in pakistani children and adults with malaria caused by p. falciparum and p. vivax
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21. Laboratory colonization of mansonia mosquitoes with an emphasis on ma. annulata and ma. bonneae
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22. Modern medicine and indigenous health beliefs- malaria control alongside sadsana-phee (animist belief system) in lao pdr
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23. National response to neurological diseases in malaysia - planning for the future
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24. Overview. the national access to antiretroviral program for pha (napha) in thailand
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25. Plasmepsin ii inhibitory activity of alkoxylated and hydroxylated chalcones
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26. Postprandial leptin response to thai meals with different macronutrient mixtures
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27. Rapid detection of apolipoprotein e genotypes in alzheimer’s disease using polymerase chain reaction-single strand conformation polymorphism
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28. Recovery of salmonella using a combination of selective enrichment media and antimicrobial resistance of isolates in meat in thailand
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29. Research note. antimalarial activity of concanamycin a alone and in combination with pyronaridine
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30. Research note. detection of cryptococcus neoformans in bird excreta
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31. Review. surat plague of 1994 re-examined
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