1. Malaria in indonesia a summary of recent research into its environmental relationship
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2. Ikonos-derived malaria transmission risk in northwestern thailand
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3. Pharmacokinetics of the four combination regimens of dihydroartemisinin-mefloquine in acute uncomplicated falciparum malaria
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4. Investigation of bioavailability, pharmacokinetics and safety of new pediatric formulations of artesunate and mefloquine
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5. A rapid method to assess the coverage of the mass drug administration of diethylcarbamazine in the program to eliminate lymphatic filariasis in india
BV Babu

6. Water quality and breeding habitats of anopheline mosquito in northwestern thailand
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7. Mark-release-recapture experiments with anopheles saperoi (diptera-culicidae) in the yona forest, northern okinawa, japan
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8. Analysis of salivary gland proteins of the mosquito armigeres subalbatus
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9. Prevalence of intestinal parasites among members of the public in kuala lumpur, malaysia
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10. Development of the rapid and simplified elisa (whole blood-elisa) using samples of schistosoma japonicum-infected human whole blood
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11. Comparative study on rapid dot-immunogold staining and two immunogold silver staining assays for diagnosing schistosomiasis japonica
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12. Effect of antisense-sgtps on the glucose uptake of the blood fluke schistosoma mansoni observations in adult worms and schistosomula
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13. Hybridization of schistosoma mansoni and schistosoma japonicum in mice
PC Fan, LH Lin

14. Infectivity and development of the human strain of hymenolepis nana in icr mice
PC Fan

15. A survey of helminths in cyprinoid fish from the mae ngad somboonchon reservoir, chiang mai province, thailand
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16. Development and evaluation of a latex agglutination test for the rapid diagnosis of scrub typhus
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17. Elevation of serum transcobalamin ii in patients with scrub typhus
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18. Identification and sequencing of salmonella enterica serotype typhi isolates obtained from patients with perforation and non-perforation typhoid fever
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19. Salmonellosis and the food chain in khon kaen, northeastern thailand
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20. Serotypes and antimicrobial resistance of campylobacter jejuni isolated from humans and animals in thailand
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21. Use of different pcr primers and gastric biopsy tissue from clo test for the detection of helicobacter pylori
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22. The immunoserological diagnosis of tuberculosis a comparison of two tests
I Handojo, MZ Arifin

23. Factors associated with the development of tuberculosis in bcg immunized children
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24. Prevalence and clinical features of chlamydia pneumoniae pneumonia at srinagarind hospital, khon kaen, thailand
W Reechaipichitkul, R Saelee, V Lulitanond

25. Etiologies and treatment outcomes in patients hospitalized with community-acquired pneumonia (cap) at srinagarind hospital, khon kaen, thailand
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26. Development of multiplex pcr for the detection of total coliform bacteria for escherichia coli and clostridium perfringens in drinking water
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27. Initial treatment of cryptococcal meningitis in aids
V Chotmongkol, A Arayawichanont, K Sawanyawisuth, Y Thavornpitak

28. Case report. bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia caused by capsule-deficient cryptococcosis
C Chantranuwat, C Sittipun

29. Secondary dengue virus type 4 infections in vietnam
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30. Seasonal fluctuations of dengue fever vector, aedes aegypti (diptera culicidae) in delhi, india
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31. The climatic factors influencing the occurrence of dengue hemorrhagic fever in thailand
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32. Serum and urine sodium levels in dengue patients
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33. Case report. fatal dengue encephalitis
P Witayathawornwong

34. Hepatitis b virus genotype d infection among antenatal patients attending a maternity hospital in calcutta, india assessment of infectivity status
A Banerjee, R Chakravarty, PN Mondal, MS Chakraborty

35. Evaluation of a hepatitis b vaccination program in chiang mai, thailand
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36. A deficient public health system as a contributing cause of severe acute respiratory syndrome (sars) epidemic in mainland china
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37. Case report. hantavirus infection in thailand first clinical case report
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38. Binding antibody to neutralizing epitope gp41 in hiv-1 subtype crf 01_ae infection related to stage of disease
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39. Quantitative evaluation of counseling associated with hiv testing
V Keane, G Hammond, H Keane, J Hewitt

40. Perceptions of unmarried young women regarding family size, sexually transmitted diseases at residential regional institutes in northeastern india
NC Hazarika, J Mahanta

41. School health in rural nepal why and how
M Jimba, S Wakai

42. Comparison of the quality of life of general hospital outpatients in southwest china with southern thailand
C He, V Chongsuvivatwong, A Geater, G Edwards

43. Doxetaxel in previously treated non-small cell lung cancer patients clinical efficacy and quality of life
T Sirisinha, S Sirilertrakul, M Jirajarus, V Ratanatharathorn

44. Assessment of growth and feeding practices in children with cleft lip and palate
VK Gopinath, WAM Wan Muda

45. The serum uric acid and related cardiovascular risk factors in south taiwan
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46. Abnormalities in lung function among multiply-transfused thalassemia patients results from a thalassemia center in malaysia
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47. Stability of genomic dna in dried blood spots stored on filter paper
S Chaisomchit, R Wichajarn, N Janejai, W Chareonsiriwatana