1. Chikungunya infection-an emerging disease in malaysia
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2. Long-term effect of interferon therapy on incidence of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma in thai patients with chronic hepatitis b
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3. Hepatitis b virus seroprevalence and risk assessment among personnel, a governmental hospital in bangkok
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4. Prevalence of congenital cytomegalovirus and toxoplasma antibodies in thailand
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5. Increase in the sensitivity of dengue diagnosis by combination of reverse transcriptasepolymerase chain reaction and passage on cell cultures
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6. Comparative evaluation of various commercial assays for diagnosis of dengue fever
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7. Primary dengue infection-what are the clinical distinctions from secondary infection
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8. Dengue hemorrhagic fever in infancy at petchabun hospital
P Witayathawornwong

9. Case report-perinatal dengue infection
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10. Prevalence of rotavirus diarrhea among outpatients and hospitalized patients-a comparison
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11. Biochemical and hematological manifestations of hiv-aids in chiang mai, thailand
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12. Case report-does hiv infection accelerate the development of hepatocellular carcinoma a case report in a young man
P Viriyavejakul, T Tangwanicharoen, P Rojanasunan, V Khachansaksumet

13. Diagnostic value of dot-enzyme-immunoassay test to detect outer membrane protein antigen in sera of patients with typhoid fever
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14. Etiology of acute lower respiratory tract infection in children at srinagarind hospital, khon kaen, thailand
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15. Seasonal distribution of enteropathogens detected from diarrheal stool and water samples collected in kathmandu, nepal
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16. Guillain-barre syndrome and campylobacter infection
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17. Blood culture confirmed typhoid fever in a provincial hospital in the philippines
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18. Case report-mycobacterium szulgai lymphadenitis mimicking kikuchi is disease in thailand
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19. Demonstration of the natural foci of tsutsugamushi disease in nan peng lie islands in china
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20. Epi vaccination in nepal
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21. Distribution of unengorged larvae of leptotrombidium pallidum and other species in and around the rodent nest holes
XD Pham, H Suzuki, H Takaoka

22. Study on detecting antibodies to toxoplasma gondii in pooled serum of blood donors by dot-igss
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23. Production of monoclonal antibodies to the cuticle of advanced third-stage larva of gnathostoma spinigerum
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24. Schistosoma haematobium infections in two rural communities of edo state, nigeria
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25. Gender variations in the prevalence of parasitic infections and the level of awareness in adolescents in rural nepal
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26. Transmission of bancroftian filariasis in tea agro-ecosystem of assam, india
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27. Research note-brugia malayi in a naturally infected cat from narathiwat province, southern thailand
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28. Gender, mosquitos and malaria-implications for community development programs in laputta, myanmar
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29. Malaria past and present-the case of north sulawesi, indonesia
D Henley

30. Poverty and malaria-a study in a thai-myanmar border area
S Panvisavas

31. A rapid polymerase chain reaction based method for identification of the anopheles dirus sibling species
NT Huong, P Sonthayanon, AJ Ketterman, Sakol Panyim

32. Research note-aedes albolateralis, the potential vactor of nocturnally subperiodic wuchereria bancrofti and dengue type 2 virus
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33. Short stature and truncal shortening in transfusion dependent thalassemia patients-results from a thalassemia center in malaysia
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34. Natural course of autoimmune thyroiditis in thai children
O Panamonta, W Kirdpon, P Somsapt

35. The prevalence of, and factors related to, compliance with glove utilization among nurses in hospital universiti sains malaysia
L Naing, R Nordin, R Musa

36. Folate and vitamin b12 levels in patients with oral lichen planus, stomatitis or glossitis
K Thongprasom, P Youngnak, V Aneksuk

37. Correlation between na, k-atpase activity and potassium and magnesium contents in skeletal muscle of renal stone patients
V Prasongwatana, R Tavichakorntrakool, P Sriboonlue, C Wongkham, S Bovornpadungkitti, A Premgamone, S Reungjuiy

38. A long-term study on the efficacy of a herbal plant, orthosiphon grandiflorus, and sodium potassium citrate in renal calculi treatment
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39. Monitoring of lead exposure among mechanics in bangkok
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