1. Editorial-equity-how much at century is end
C Kidson

2. El niiio and associated outbreaks of severe malaria in highland populations in irian jaya, indonesia-a review and epidemiological perspective
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3. Research note plasmodium ovule infections detected by pcr assay in lao pdr
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4. Research report-hidden plasmodium falciparum infections
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5. A comparison of these malaria diagnostic tests under field conditions in north-west thailand
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6. A highly sensitive nested polymerase chain reaction based method using simple dna extraction to detect malaria sporozoites in mosquitos
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7. Mitochondria1 oxygen consumption in asexual and sexual blood stages of human parasit plasmodium falciparum
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8. Cytokines associated with pathology in brain tissue of fatal malaria
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9. Geographic information system as a tool to study malaria receptivity in nadiad taluka kheda district gujarat india
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10. Highlights on the world bank loan schistosomiasis control program in china (1991-1998)-a special focus on hunan province
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11. Schis osoma japonicum in the pig a new technique for estimation of intestinal tissue egg counts
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12. Cytopathogenicity of acanthamoeba isolates on rat glial c6 cell line
H Giver, MV Johansen, NO Christensen, P Nansen

13. Antibodies to somatic l antigen are not protective against br gia malay infection
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14. Cost effectiveness in the discrimination of leishmania species causing anthroponotic leishmaniases in asia using selective enzymes
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15. Re-emergence of paragonimiasis in kyushu japan
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16. Epidemiology of human ancylostomiasis among rural villagers in nanlin country (zhongzhau village) anhui province china-age-associated prevalence intensity and hookworm species identification
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17. The first report on human cases serologically diagnosed as japanese encephalitis in indonesia
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18. Research note-comparison between rj-pcr and rapid agglutination test for diagnosis of human rotavirus infection
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19. Quantitation of t lymphocyte subsets helps to distinguish dengue hemorrhagic fever from classic dengue fever during the acuts febrile stage
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20. B cells are the principal circulating mononuclear cells infected by dengue virus
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21. Infection of dengue 2 virus strains isolated from patients exhibiting different disease severities to human peripheral blood leukocytes and production of cytokines in the infected culture
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22. A clinical study of patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever during the epidemic of 1996 of lucknow india
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23. Coinfections with hepatitis g and-or c virus in hepatitis b-related chronic liver disease
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24. Prevalence of core prornotor and precore mutants of hepatitis b virus in thailand by rflp and sequencing
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25. Epidemiology of arabinose assimilation in burkholderia pseudomallei isolated from patients and soil in thailand
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26. Genotypic and phenotypic relationship in burkholderia pseudomallei indicates colonization with closely related isolates
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27. Comparison of the efficacy of ceftibuten and norfloxacin in the treatment of acute gastrointestinal infection in children
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28. Bacterial contamination of bottle milk in infants under 6 months in children is hospital bangkok thailand
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29. Incidence of new salmonella serovar (s. ratchaburi) in thailand
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30. Research note ciprofloxacin resistance among community-derived methicillin-resistant staphylo-cocclis aureus (mrsa) strains
J Iqbal, M Rahman, MS Kabir

31. Study of hematopoetic progenitor cells hematological values and lymphocyte subsets in cord blood application for cord blood transplantation
W Chaisiripoomkere, S Jootar, A Ungkanont, A Jaovisidha, S Onpun, K Khupulsup

32. Serum erythropoietin levels in thalassemia major and intermedia
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33. Morbidity and mortality patterns health beliefs and health risk factors of karen highlanders of northwest thailand
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34. Temporal variations in biting density and rhythm of culex quinque-fasciations in tea agro-ecosys-tem of assam, india
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35. Tmph.30.04.1999.errata
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