1. Editorial-health wealth and the world around us
C Kidson

2. Application of geographical information systems to co-analysis of disease and economic resources dengue and malaria in thailand
K Indaratna, RHutubessy, S Chupraphawan, C Sukapurana, T Jiang, S Chunsutthiwat, K Thimasarn, L Crissman

3. Humoral immune responses against plasmodium vivax mspl in humans living in a malaria endemic area in flores indonesia
M Ak, TR Jones, Y Charoenvit, S Kumar, DC Kaslow, D Maris, H Marwoto, S Masfar, SLHoffman

4. The in vivo sensitivity of plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine in the red river basin yunnan china
HP Guo, Y Zhu, Q Dai, JH Yang, KX Jiang, M Zhong

5. A clinical trial of combination of artesunate and mefloquine in the treatment of acute uncomplicated falciparum malaria-a short and practical regimen
P Wilairatana, S Kudsood, W Chokejindachai, V Bussaratid, U Silachamroon,P Viriyavejakul, C Hendriksen, MW Scheiwe, S Looareesuwan

6. Maternal influence on the use of imprtegnated bednets in the protection against infantile malaria
P Sri-aroon, 0 Rauyajin, V Pasandhanaton, P Butraporn

7. Field activity costs for the first 3 years of the world bank loan project for schistosomiasis control inchina
JG Guo, M Booth, J Jenkins, HZ Wang, M Tanner

8. Viability of metacercariae in northern thai traditional foods
K Sukontason, R Methanitikorn, K Sukontason, S Piangjai, W Choochote

9. An epidemiological survey on intestinal parasite infection in khammouane province lao pdr with special reference to strongyloides infection
B Vannachone, J Kobayashi, S Nambanya, K Manivong, S Inthakone, Y Sato

10. Recovery and distribution ofascarissuum superimposed on aschistosomajaponicum infection in pigs
AB Helwigh, HO Bogh

11. Prevalence and some risk factors of giardia duodenalis infection in a rural community in malaysia
M Norhayati, M Penggabean, P Oothuman, MS Fatmah

12. Toxoplasma antibody prevalence in nepalese pregnant women and women with bad obstetric history
SK Rai, H Shibata, K Sumi, G Rai, N Rai, R Manandhar, G Gurung, K Ono, S Uga, A Matsuoka, HG Shrestha, T Matsumara

13. Toxocara and gnathostoma among stray canines in bangkok
W Rojekittikhun, S Nuarntanong, MT Anantaphruti, S Pubampen, W Maipanich, K Visedsuk

14. Scanning electron microscopy of newly excysted metacercariae of paragonimus westermani-like nakhonnayok thailand
P Kanla, S Yaemput, C Arunyanart, W Maleewong

15. Subgroup determination of respiratory syncytial virus by rt-pcr
S Tantivanich, K Suphanaranonda, K Balachandra

16. A sensitive assay for anti-hiv-1 drug discovery in a biological safety level 2 laboratory
C Yoosook, V Rentrakul, T Santisuk, S Chaichana, JM Pezzuto, Y Dong, DJ Clanton, R Kiser, P Staley

17. Development and assessment of elisa for serodiagnosis of hiv-infection
P Thongkrajai, R Kaewmart

18. Intestinal microsporidiosis in hiv infected patients with chronic diarrhea in thailand
D Wanachichwanawin, S Manatsathit, P Lertlaituan, K Thakerngpol, P Suwanagool

19. The new dtpw-hbv-hib combination vaccine can be used at the who schedule with a monovalent dose of hepatitis b vaccine at birth
L Bravo, J Carlos, S Gatchalian, C Borja-Tabora, G Bibera, P Willems, A Safary, HL Bock

20. Immunogenicity and safety of a new inactivated hepatiis a vaccine in thai young adults
T Vimolket, A Theamboonlers, R Dunas, B Milcamps, R Forrat, Y Poovorawan

21. Genotypes and subtypes of hepatitis b virus in thailand
A Theamboonlers, P Tangkijvanich, C Pramoolsinsap,Y Poovorawan

22. Seroprevalence of hepatitis b hepatitis c cmv and hiv in multiply transfused thalassemia patients results from a thalassemia day care center in malaysia
R Jamal, G Fedzillah, SZ Zulkifli, M Yasmin

23. Prenatal diagnosis of thalassemia in songklanagarind hospital in southernthailand
0 Koranantakul, C Suwanrath, R Leetanaporn,T Suntharasaj,T Liabsuetrakul, R Rattanaprueksachart

24. Hla class i antibodies in thalassemic patients
0 Nathalang, K Torcharus, A Chuansumrit, P Punyaprasiddhi,T Sriphaisal, N Tatsumi

25. Intention of private hospitals to become contractors in the prepaid social security scheme in thailand why and why not
J Sriratanaban, K Srichatrapimuk, I Kositanurit

26. A survey into process and workers characteristics of wood funiture industry in songkhla province southern region of thailand
P Tuntiseranee, V Chongsuvivatwong

27. Aprofile of hypetension among rural elderly malaysians
P Srinivas, KS Wong, YC Chia, PJH Poi, S Ebrahim

28. Tobacco consumption practices and risk of oro-pharyngeal cancer-a case-control study in central india
KS Wasnik, SN Ughade, SP Zodpey, DL Ingole

29. Pyomyositis-with special reference to the comparison between extra-and intrapelvic muscle abscess
IM Jou, NT Chiu, CY Yang, KA Lai

30. Isoenzyme study and hybridization experience of two forms of anopheles sinensis (diptera-culicidae) in northern thailand
W Choochote, A Jitpakdi, Y Rongsriyam, N Komalamisra, B Pitasawat, K Palakul

31. Rate of resistance development in wild culex quinquefasciatus (say) selected by malathion and permethrin
WA Nazni, HL Lee, I Sa'diyah

32. Case report-neurological manifestations of melioidosis in children
P Siapan

33. The value of fluorescence microscopy of auramine stained sputum smears for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis
NP Singh, SC Parija

34. Detection of igm antibody against region iv flagellin of salmonella paratyphi a
S Korbsrisate, S Sarasombath, N Praaporn, P Iamkamala, M Hossain, S Mckay

35. Serotyping of flavibacterium meningosepticum by co-agglutination method
H Salasawati, M Ramelah, TL Pitt, B Holmes

36. Ascariasis trichuriasis and growth of schoolchildren in northeastern peninsula malaysia
S Mahendra Raj, NN Naing