1. Editorial-opening the aids door
C Kidson

2. From research to practice-use of short course zidovudine to prevent mother-to-child hiv transmission in the context of routine health care in northern thailand
V Thaineua, P Sirirand, A Tanbanjong, M Laillemant, A Soucat, JL Lambouray

3. Response to je vaccine among hiv-infected children bangkok thailand
S Rojanasuphot, N Shaffer, T Chotpitayasunondh, S Phumiamorn, P Mock, S Chearskul, N Waranawat, P Yuentrakul, TD Mastro, TF Tsai

4. Research note-low prevalence of anti-hav among the children in southern thailand
S Chub-uppakarn, P Panichart, A Theamboonlers, Y Poovorawan

5. The reference range of cd4 and cd8 t-lymphocytes in healthy non -infected infants born to hiv-1 seropositive mothers-apreliminary study at siriraj hospital
S Likanonsakul, C Wasi, C Thepthai, R Sutthent, S Louisirirotchanakul, S Chearskul, N Vanprapa, T Lebnark

6. Impact of the hepatitis b mass vaccination program in the southern part of thailand
S Chub-uppakarn, P Panichart, A Theamboonlers, Y Poovorawan

7. Prevalence of hepatitis b and c virus infection among working women in bangkok
M Ikeda, ZW Zhang, S Srianujata, N Hussamin, 0Banjong, C Chitchumroonchokchai, T Watanabe, S Shimbo, N Matsuda-Inoguchi, K Higashikawa

8. Hepatitis c and hepatitis e in acute sporadic non-a, non-b hepatitis in hospital patients of delhi india
C Prakash

9. Hepatitis g infection and therapeutic response to interferon in hcv-related chronic liver disease
C Pramoolsinsap, Y Poovorawan, T Sura, A Theamboonlers, N Busagorn, S Kurathong

10. Hepatitis gbv-c infection in intravenous drug users
T Vimolket, A Theamboonlers, P Tangkijvanich, Y Poovorawan

11. Serological diagnosis of jaundice epidemics in india
C Prakash

12. The 1996 outbreak of dengue hemorrhagic fever in delhi india
S Anuradha, NP Singh, SNA Rizvi, SK Agarwal, N Gur, MD Mathur

13. Detection and typing of human papillomavirus in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 111 in thai women
M Lertworapreecha, P Bhattarakosol, S Niruthisard

14. Antigenic diversity of plasmodium vivax and their geographic distribution in thailand
S Khusmith, P Tapchaisri, S Tharavanij, D Bunnag

15. Antigenic disparity of plasmodium vivax causing initial symptoms and causing relapse
S Khusmith, S Tharavanij, D Bunnag

16. Research note-the occurence of point mutations in the dihydrofolate reductase -thymidylate synthase (dhfr) gene in thai isolates of plasmodium falciparum
PKC Lim, S Looareesuwan, D Chindanond, AM Saleh, SK Tan

17. Internal quality control of the malaria microscopic diagnostic for 10 laboratories based on each side of the thai-myanmar border
F Hemme, F Gay

18. A study on some aspects of the epidemiology of malaria in an endemic district in northern peninsular malaysia near thailand border
WA Rahman, CR Adanan, A Abu Hussan

19. Pulmonary edema in cerebral malaria patients in thailand
B Aursudkij, P Wilairatana, S Vannaphan, DS Walsh, VR Gordeux, S Looareesuwan

20. The level of knowledge attitude and practice in relation to malaria in 00-do village myanmar
Hla-Shein, Than-Tun-Sein, Soe-Soe, Tin-Aung, Ne-Win, Khin-Saw-Aye

21. An outbreak of el tor cholera associated with a tribal funeral in irian jaya, indonesia
PT Korthuis, TR Jones, M Lesmana, S Clark, M Okoseray, G Ingkokusumo, FS Wignall

22. Severe shigellosis in childhood
C Sirivichayakul, U Thisyakorn

23. Research note-serological evidence of natural infection of wild rodents (ratus spp and tupaia glis) with rickettsiae in malaysia
ST Tay, S Kaewanee, TM Ho, MY Rohani, S Devi

24. Research note-immunization of laboratory animals with ultraviolet-attenuated larvae against homologous challenge infection with trichinella britovi
H Nakayama, T Inaba, M Nargis, M Chisty, M Ito, H Kamiya

25. Igg response to some mycobacterial antigens in selected leprosy patients
A Rafi

26. Use of delipidized antigens of taenia solium metacestodes in igg-elisa for detection of neurocysticercosis
P Dekumyoy, S Vanijanonta, J Waikagul, S Sa-ngnankiat, M Danis

27. Excretory-secretory antigenic components of adult fasciola gigantica recognized by infected human sera
PM Intapan, W Maleewong, C Wongkham, K Tomanakarn, K Leamviteevanich, V Pipitgool, V Sukolapong

28. Eosinophilia anemia and parasitism in a rural region of northwest thailand
S Triteeraprapab, I Nuchaprayoon

29. Continuous growth of bloodstream forms of trypanosoma brucei brucei in an axenic culture system containing a low concentration of serum
Y Yabu, T Koide, N Ohta, M Nose, Y Ogihara

30. Helminthic infections of urban and rural schoolchildren in penang island malaysia-implications for control
WA Rahman

31. Antitrypanosomal effects of traditional chinese herbal medicines on bloodstream forms of trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense in vitro
Y Yabu, M Nose, T Koide, N Ohta, Y Ogihara

32. Epidemiology of human intestinal nematode infections in wujiang and pizhou countries jiangsu province china
FG Sun, ZX Wu, YX Qian, H Cao, HC Xue, HN Ren, SH Xiao, B Zhan, JM Hawdon, Z Feng, PJ Hotez

33. Three cases of human gnathostomiasis caused by gnathostoma hispidum, with particular reference to the identification of parasitic larvae
H Akahane, M Sano, M Kobayashi

34. Gene cloning and amino acid sequence analysis of triose-phosphate isomerase of schistosoma japonicum chinese strain
YC Zhu, CX Yu, XR Yin, J Si

35. Overview reflection of primary health care in thailand supported from 1976 to 1996 by japan-thailand partnership
Y Rakue, C Panasoponkul, 0 Suthienkul, P Radomyos

36. Establishment of drug chests at commune health stations in south vietnam, bamako initiative
TT Tram, NTN Anh, L Tri, TC Hoa, K Mogensen, E Andersen

37. Effect of antibiotic order form guiding national use of expensive drugs on cost containment
S Sirinavin, P Suvanakoot, B Sathapatayavongs, K Malatham

38. Tobacco usage among rural bajaus in sabah malaysia
CY Gan

39. Vitamin k deficiency bleeding in thailand-a 32-years history
A Chuansumrit, P Isarangkura, P Hathirat, Vitamin K Study Group

40. Etiology and clinical implications of eosinophilicpleural effusions
P Riantawan, K Bangpattanasiri, P Chaowalit, P Sangsayan

41. Research note-screening for larvicidal activity of ten carminative plants
B Pitasawat, W Choochote, D Kanjanapothi, A Panthong, A Jitpakdi, U Chaithong

42. Editorial health wealth and the world around us
C Kidson